Nowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide

September 27, 2009

If there is nowhere to run from flesh and blood, how much more so from HaShem!

HaShem should give us all the strength to come clean and be made clean, especially from transgressions related to kedusha.

All of us together should have a g’mar chasima tova.

And HaShem should have mercy on Mr. Polanski, grant him the grace to do Tshuva, and rescue him from those who seek to do him harm.


Edom Makes New Threats

September 25, 2009

Just before the new year is “sealed”, Edom versus Paras cranks up another notch as America and Europe accuse Iran of operating a clandestine nuke facility.

Looks like more groundwork being laid before an Israel-led (and Edom finished) attack against Paras.

HaShem should protect us so that when the smoke clears, it won’t be the Jews who are forced to pay heaviest price of victory.

After all, who really is the target of Edom’s anti nuclear weapon proliferation agenda?

Power Boosted 13 Attributes of Mercy!

September 24, 2009

Not sure what the 13 middot are really all about?  What do they really mean?

Here’s a well done and and super useful and user friendly English guide for the 13 Middot that is sure to boost your Yom Kippur experience!

Contains a take-to-shul “kavanah table” you can use when you pray.

Paras Falling – Strong Signs

September 23, 2009

Debka news reports that Iran loses its only AWACS in a collision of two jets over military parade in Tehran Tuesday.

Eye witnesses reported that the flaming planes landed on the mausoleum burial site of the Islamic revolution’s founder Ruhollah Khomeini, a national shrine.

Airplanes are like birds, and birds are mystically connected with angels.  We learn from the Zohar (parshat Beshallach) that a nation’s spiritual guardian angel falls before the nations’ physical downfall.

Given the timing of this event (during the Days of Awe) and the strange details (fiery crash on Khomeini’s burial site), it could well be that this plane crash represents the fall of the guardian angel of Paras, and presages the fall of Iran.

This may mean war between Edom and Paras.

HaShem should protect us all!

Hadassim (Chassadim) Shortage?

September 22, 2009

Breaking news reports that there may be a North American shortage of hadassim this year, causing the price to increase over 500%!

There might be a message in this. . . .

It is well known that the hadassim symbolize the attribute of Chessed (Kindness).   The shortage of hadassim could represent that there is, mystically speaking, a blemish in this attribute that needs to be fixed by North American Jewry.

To fix this, we turn to none other than the holy Ramak, ztkl, who states in Tomer D’vora (with slight paraphrasing):

The core means to enter into the secret of Chessed is to love haShem completely, “with all one’s m’odecha“, with every measure given to a person, good and bad.

To do this, one must tie all harsh judgments to kindness. This was the attribute of the holy Sage, Nachum ish Gam’zu.  A person needs to take the  “Gam’zu” (the harsh judgment), and tie it “l’tova” (kindness).

This is a great method by which a person ties themselves constantly to haShen’s attribute of kindness.

As Rashi states, “with all ones m’odecha” also means with all one’s money.  Thus, this year, in the event that hadassim are much more expensive because of a shortage, we should fix that problem by gladly and eagerly spending more to purchase them.

HaShem should help that, together, we sweeten all harsh judgments!

Secret of the Russian S-300 Air Defense System?

September 18, 2009

300 is the gematria of Elohim, the attribute of strict justice, in its “filled” form (when every letter is spelled out).

Negative forces of impurity (klipot) draw nourishment and sustenance from this name when the Jewish people transgress (the name itself is entirely holy).  These klipot act as barriers between the Jewish people and haShem.

Possibly, a hint of this spiritual reality is reflected in Russia’s efforts to arm Iran with the advanced S-300 air defense system. This weapons system is, in essence, a barrier intended to stop the Jewish people’s efforts to protect themselves from harm.

HaShem should help us do tshuva that will remove all barriers between the Jewish people and our King.  Our efforts to remove the barriers “above” will surely remove the barriers “below.”

Our heartfelt prayers for salvation should surmount all barriers and be answered and fullfilled, soon, in our days.

Have a Healthy and Sweet New Year!

The Archer & The Trapper: The Two Covenants

September 16, 2009

Slichot this morning spoke of “The Archer” and “The Trapper”.  Who are they?  And how do they relate to the End of Days and Tshuva?

Yishmael is known as the Archer. Genesis 21:20, “he dwelt in the desert and became an accomplished archer”; Rashi on Genesis 21:10, “he would shoot arrows at Yitzhak and say he was just joking”.

Yishmael represents the forces of impurity that result from inappropriate lusts. Yishmael is strengthened when Jewish people blemish “The Covenent of Circumcision” (Brit Milah) by engaging in prohibited sexual immorality.

Esav is known as the Trapper. Rashi on Genesis 21:28, “he would trap people with his lying words”.

Esav reprsents the forces of impurity that result from inappropriate arrogance.  Esav is strengthened when Jewish people blemish “The Covenant of the Mouth” (Brit Peh) by engaging in prohibited evil speech.

The holy Abir Yaakov, haRav Yaakov Abuchatzeira, ztkl, writes that the “Two Covenants” of the mouth and circumcision are like one, as the gematria of milah and peh are both 85.  These covenants are directly connected to strict judgments insofar as “85 plus 1” equals 86, the gematria of the divine name Elohim, the  attribute of strict judgments.  (He further writes that our forefathers merited redemption from Egypt because they guarded these Two Covenants.)

Fundamentally, violations of the Two Covenants are the primary causes of Yishmael’s and Esau’s nourishment, strength and power. This manifests on a geopolitical level as the growing power and animosity of Yishmael and Esav over and towards the Jewish people.

Consequently, to defeat Yishmael and Esav, the Jewish people must do Tshuva and rectify and guard against blemishes to the Two Covenants.

Not only will this Tshuva “sweeten” and annul the harsh judgments . . .

This Tshuva will actually cause strict justice (din) to join forces with kindness (chesed) and mercy (rachamim) as an ally and protector against our enemies.

This is the secret of verse Psalm 94:1, which says, “El (chesed) n’kamot (din) haShem (rachamim)”

Good Guarding the Brit Milah site.  Good Guarding the Brit Peh site.