Edom v. Paras Escalating

Latest news on this front is Washington Accuses Iran of Attaining Nuclear Weapons.  And, at the same time, Iran claims that the US documentation of Iran’s nuclear weapons progress is a forgery.

There is no way to escape a conflict when opposing parties hold such positions.

The Gemara in Yoma 10a is clear – at the End of Days, Edom (lead by US) will fight Paras ( Persia, Iran).

Many forces are joining to push Obama to move forward with this war.  There are many reasons why:

(1)  A successful war will greatly improve his popularity and confuse and paralyze Republican conservatives who oppose his domestic agenda.  Success in warfare was the traditional way to political triumph in ancient Rome, so too in modern Rome (i.e. America);

(2) Obama’s Saudi Arabian patrons will be satisfied insofar as they desperately want Shiite Iran destroyed so they can exercise hegemony over the Middle East;

(3) And most importantly, removing Iran from the picture will allow the world to force Israel to agree to the massive and dangerous concessions contained in Obama’s forthcoming Middle East piece plan. The  world will contend that Israel no longer has existential enemies because the alleged main supporter of Hizbolla and Hamas, Iran, is out of action.  The world will argue that the Arabs aren’t a threat so long as Israel makes piece.

Of course, the b’nei Ishmael are the primary threat which the world wickedly chooses to ignore (they are the main financial supporters of Hamas, and main facilitators of Hizbolla, e.g., Syria). Unfortunately, the leaders of the State of Israel have set themselves up for the Edom/Ishmael trap by whining, “Iran is the threat, Iran is the threat”, rather than stating loud and clear “Iran is an existential threat, and so are the Arabs!”


10 Responses to Edom v. Paras Escalating

  1. David Chaim says:

    you may be doing it on purpose, but is spelled peace not piece.

  2. Pinchas says:

    Don’t hold back. Let it fly.

  3. […] This may mean war between Edom and Paras. […]

  4. james says:

    you foolish fanatics, get your noses out of your books, Obama is a fanatic liberal and will never start a third war. never. chatima tova.

  5. Menachem Robinson says:

    Don’t worry. It all has a happy ending for the Yidden. I know — I read the Book. Turn to Hashem, do teshuvah, and all will be b’sedar. The entire scenario is from Hashem to frighten the Jews into doing teshuvah. The plan is foolproof, it will bring Moshiach and evil will be no more. The miracles coming soon will be greater than those seen in Egypt (it is all in the Book and hasn’t been wrong in 1000’s of years). B”H

  6. rick says:

    haha he meant ‘peace’ he’s just embarrassed to admit he made a typo.

  7. Sol Gertman says:

    Menachem’s right on track!!

  8. Chava says:

    lol! When I read “piece plan” I laughed out loud at the irony. Very, very clever. Off to read “Is Israel being set up”

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