Israel Being Set Up?

What’s a great way for the nations to really put Israel behind the 8-ball?  Have Israel start the war against Iran.

There appears to be more confirmation that Bibi’s mysterious “disappearance” was due to a suprise visit to Russia to discuss an Israeli attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Bibi’s actions are reasonable. After all, if Edom (US/Europe/Russia) doesn’t do anything to stop Iran, Israel must.

But Bibi must proceed with extreme caution. It is highly probable Israel is being squeezed/goaded to fire the “first shot” against Iran.

Once it does, Iran will predictably do something stupid like attack a US or Saudi interest ( a US base in Iraq, or Arab oil installation).  Edom will then have the perfect excuse to pile on “in self-defense” and cream Iran.

When the smoke clears, the nations will hypocritically take Israel to task for “attacking” Iran.

Edom will scream, “Israel didn’t give enough time for diplomacy. They started a war, and we had to finish the job for them.”

Ishmael will shamelessly declare, “We are shocked and humiliated that the Jews would violate and attack our Muslim brothers in Iran.”

Of course, all along, Edom and Ishmael truly desire Israel to strike so as to eliminate Paras’ influence from the region.

Any war against Paras will likely have frightening negative effects on the global economy.  Israel (and he Jews) will likely be blamed (after all, they “started it”).

Edom will demand Israel “fix” the problem they created by starting a war with Iran. It will demand immediate implementation of the suicidal piece plan.   Ishmael, too, will join in making this demand.

HaShem should protect us from this scenario!  HaShem should help all of us do a complete tshuva!


3 Responses to Israel Being Set Up?

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  3. Chava says:

    oy va voy wow. and you think this will take place before the 2012 election?!

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