Its A Family Affair: The End of Days Players

Who really is Esau? Let’s take a fascinating look at the “sons of Esau” in detail.

Click for a cool schematic diagram of the Family Affair “players” (.pdf )

The Torah singles out two of Esau’s children as “son’s of Esau”,  Eliphaz and Ruel. (The other children of Esau are not referred to as sons of Esau but rather sons of his wives).

Eliphaz, Esau’s first born, means “My God is Gold”. This son manifests at a nation level as Russia.  It is well known that for Russia’s KGB/mafioso rulers, its all about the money.

“Iran, want a nuclear reactor? No, problem, that’ll be $4 billion. . . Don’t pay on time?  Construction stops. . .  A war between the west, Israel, and Iran? Great, let’s sell some oil”, and so on.

Importantly, while Eliphaz is in it for the money, his son, Amalek, is in it to annihilate the Jews.  Amalek gestates inside of Eliphaz, but he is just under the surface for those with eyes to see.

Ruel means “Evil and Kindness (el being the the attribute of kindness according to Kabballa)”. This son manifests at a nation level as the United States.  The US is a complex combination of great kindness and true evil.  For example, America is the most charitible nation in the world in terms of aid, but it readily supports wicked tyrants and dictators when they provide material benefits.

Importantly, the mother of Ruel is Basmath, the daughter of Ishmael. This explains why the US has a unique intimate relationship with the Arab World.  (See how Barak Obama is deeply connected to Basmath).

As we follow major plotlines of Esau vs. Paras, and Esau/Yismael vs. Yaakov, keep an eye on the fascinating Eliphaz vs. Ruel sub-plot. Expect Eliphaz (Russia) to more forcefully assert his “first born” dominance over Ruel (US) as the End of Days unfolds.


2 Responses to Its A Family Affair: The End of Days Players

  1. Sharon says:

    Very interesting and well done. Can a background check acc to Torah also explain Yishmael and his twisted ways?

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