Hadassim (Chassadim) Shortage?

Breaking news reports that there may be a North American shortage of hadassim this year, causing the price to increase over 500%!

There might be a message in this. . . .

It is well known that the hadassim symbolize the attribute of Chessed (Kindness).   The shortage of hadassim could represent that there is, mystically speaking, a blemish in this attribute that needs to be fixed by North American Jewry.

To fix this, we turn to none other than the holy Ramak, ztkl, who states in Tomer D’vora (with slight paraphrasing):

The core means to enter into the secret of Chessed is to love haShem completely, “with all one’s m’odecha“, with every measure given to a person, good and bad.

To do this, one must tie all harsh judgments to kindness. This was the attribute of the holy Sage, Nachum ish Gam’zu.  A person needs to take the  “Gam’zu” (the harsh judgment), and tie it “l’tova” (kindness).

This is a great method by which a person ties themselves constantly to haShen’s attribute of kindness.

As Rashi states, “with all ones m’odecha” also means with all one’s money.  Thus, this year, in the event that hadassim are much more expensive because of a shortage, we should fix that problem by gladly and eagerly spending more to purchase them.

HaShem should help that, together, we sweeten all harsh judgments!


2 Responses to Hadassim (Chassadim) Shortage?

  1. Another possible conclusion is that we have not spent enough on Chesed so that the amount will be exacted through this Din. Perhaps we need to be more honest and really Mesirat Nefesh when it comes to the acquisition, “possession” and proper distribution of money. Money is the currency of Gemilut Chassadim. I think we have all seen that what does not really belong to us will be taken away from us in some sort of unexpected event like a sudden necessary repair or whatever…

  2. Yardley Hull says:

    I don’ agree with the above post, and would like to highlight a few of the OP’s points. Not everyone will see it this way and though I am one of them, I do respect your right to have your view. Either way I have enjoyed reading Hadassim (Chassadim) Shortage? Jewish End Of Days.

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