Bear Attack!

Last night I had a remarkable dream (which bodes especially auspiciously because the dream occured on the sixth night of the week):

I was in a parade and saw a large grizzly bear. The bear stirred, and proceeded to viciously attack me, biting at my arms and hands as I tried to fend him off.

I soon recognized that this was a dream, so I concentrated deeply and said Shema. At “Echad” the bear was repelled, and the attack was successfully defended.

It is known that the symbol of Paras (Persia/Iran) is symbolized by a bear.

Megilla 11a “. …And behold another beast, a second, like a bear,” (Daniel 7:5) – Rabbi Yosef taught that this refers to the Persians, who eat and drink like a bear, and are clothed in flesh like a bear, and are hairy like a bear, and have no rest like a bear;  See also, interesting Torah video, Anger of the Bear

I believe that, possibly, this dream alludes the upcoming global conflict with ParasPerhaps, contrary to my “rational” analysis described in previous posts, this dream portends that Paras, not Israel or Edom, will strike first militarily.

In any event, the only defense we have is our faith in HaShem, as expressed in our efforts to strive for Jewish unity “below” in reflection of his unity “above”.

HaShem should help that we all sit in the Ztael D’emunata (shade of faith) Gam Yachad (as One) this Succot.

Hag Samayach!


One Response to Bear Attack!

  1. Moshe says:

    Where did you go? You made such a promising start. I hope you return to regular updates soon.

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