The Erev Rav’s Two Big Problems

The nefarious Goldstone Report is gaining traction, portending draconian “legal actions” against Jewish people who wish to live free in Eretz Yisrael.

Goldstone is Jewish, and HaShem should have mercy and help him open the door for tshuva. But his actions strongly indicate Erev Rav (the “Mixed Multitude”, the Egyptian wizards who converted to Judaism when the Jews left Egypt).

So, what are the Erev Rav‘s two big problems?

First, the Erev Rav were never slaves.  They never felt the whip. Never felt the terror and fear.  They never felt the pain.

Consequently, at best the Erev Rav are indifferent to Jewish suffering.  At worst they cause it (they were behind Hur’s murder).

Second, the Erev Rav were not miraculously redeemed by HaShemThey never  felt the gratitude.  Rather, out of a desire for glory and self-preservation, they shifted allegiance from one power source (the gods of Egypt) to another (the G-d of the Jews).

Consequently, the Erev Rav are incapable of being grateful to HaShem, or for being a Jew. Rather, they move to assimilate with any power source that promises glory and self-preservation.

In a nutshell, these are the Erev Rav’s two big problems.


One Response to The Erev Rav’s Two Big Problems

  1. Rivka says:

    These aren’t the erev rav’s problems–the erev rav is OUR problem!

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