Rubashkin Verdict – Light of 72

November 19, 2009

Once again, an amazing hint from the Rubashkin court proceedings.

Breaking news reports the goverment dropped the 72 pending immigration charges against Mr. Rubashkin.

72 is the gematria of the “Name of 72”, the permutation of HaShem’s name associated with the highest levels of mercy and kindness.

HaShem should help Mr. Rubashkin, and mitigate the strict judgments of the 86 count conviction.

To pray that Mr. Rubashkin be rescued from the hell of prison is a manifestation of the 9th of the 13 Atributes of Mercy: “And cast into the depths of the sea all of their sins”

Such a prayer shall also invoke mercy for those who pray.

As below, so to above.


After Paras Falls, Something To Look Forward To

November 15, 2009

Where there is smoke there is fire.  And the smoke of threats of a Palestinian unilateral declaration of statehood is increasing.

Timing wise, likely after Edom vs. Paras. The Pals will declare, and major world powers will support.

This will bring us into the war of Gog and Magog, where Esau and Yishmael unite to steal the Temple Mount, forever.

(The Palestinians are making a tried and true play here. After all, the “unilateral declaration” page is from our playbook, and it worked!)

HaShem should give us strength!

Edom Begins Crackdown On Paras

November 14, 2009

Edom makes its first real strike against Persian assets.

In order to make sense of the End of Days, it is critical to note the distinction between Paras (Persia, Shiite Muslims) and Yishmael (Arab, Sunni/Wahhabi Muslims).

This is especially important because the End of Days conflict is not a religious conflict. Its a familial competition for “chosenness”.

We defend our right to be left alone, because we are confident that we are chosen.

The nations pursue us and don’t leave us alone, because they are not confident that they are chosen. Consequently, they can’t stand to see our confidence and self assuredness (we are “thorns” in their eyes as we were in the Egyptians’ eyes).

Tragically, the nations do not have the merit to know how they, too, could be “chosen” if they learn and live by the Noahide laws.

Rubashkin Verdict – 86 Counts

November 13, 2009

Shlomo Rubashkin was prosectuted for 91 counts, and now found guilty of 86.

These numbers are highly significant.  91 is the gematria of the name HaShem plus Adon-y, the name we say when we pray and the name we read. Kabbalistically, this means the union of the attribute of strict justice and total mercy.

Mr. Rubashkin was convicted of 86 counts. 86 is the gematria of the name Elokim, another name for strict justice that is related to Adon-y. (this is the secret of Binah and Malcut, the Mother and the Daughter).

In a sense, the hints we see in “real life” indicate that Mr. Rubashkin is receiving highly distilled strict judgments, from Elohkim.

This should arouse all of us to tshuva, because HaShem is not playing around here.  We need to stay on the straight and narrow and understand that we cannot play around with Esau.

This is Esau’s land, and we are guests in it.

(Esau also believes our holy land is his land too, or at least Yishmael’s, but as least with America Esau has an argument.)

America’s Choice

November 11, 2009

Achmanijabab comes out and says it,  America must choose between Israel and Iran.

Really,  America must choose between Israel and Iran and the Arabs.

While America will choose Israel over Iran in the short term (as is stated in the Talmud, Edom will fight Paras),  it will ultimately choose the Arabs over Israel (Edom and Yishmael alliance).

The nations will push to take Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria away from the Jews forever.




Yishmael Joins With Edom Vs. Paras

November 6, 2009

Yishmael fights Paras proxies in Yemen.

The alliance between Edom and Yishmael grows stronger.

Edom vs. Paras is intesifying.

Mr. V Is Not A Muslim

November 5, 2009

Many people believe that Mr. V is a Muslim.

He is not.  A Muslim is a person that believes in G-d and a divine law (a false one, but a law nonetheless).

Mr. V does not believe.  He is the son and prodigy of radical atheists.

As the Mishna expressly states, at the End of Days, “All governments (malcut) will turn to heresy and non-belief (minot).” (Sotah 9:15)

Mr. V is the first American president who is a non-believer.

The United States has become the finall major world power whose government has completely turned to heresy and non-belief.

For the first time in history, the words of the Mishna in Sota have come to pass.

But while Mr. V is not Muslim, he is intimately connected to Yishmael.

Mr. V is well characterized as a “Yishmaelite non-believer“.

Now THAT is really scary!