Mr. V Is Not A Muslim

Many people believe that Mr. V is a Muslim.

He is not.  A Muslim is a person that believes in G-d and a divine law (a false one, but a law nonetheless).

Mr. V does not believe.  He is the son and prodigy of radical atheists.

As the Mishna expressly states, at the End of Days, “All governments (malcut) will turn to heresy and non-belief (minot).” (Sotah 9:15)

Mr. V is the first American president who is a non-believer.

The United States has become the finall major world power whose government has completely turned to heresy and non-belief.

For the first time in history, the words of the Mishna in Sota have come to pass.

But while Mr. V is not Muslim, he is intimately connected to Yishmael.

Mr. V is well characterized as a “Yishmaelite non-believer“.

Now THAT is really scary!


One Response to Mr. V Is Not A Muslim

  1. neshama says:

    I think the Koran requires that a muslim that converts to another religion be eliminated! See “the number of death threats Rifqa Bary has been receiving from Muslims bent on enforcing the death penalty for apostasy. I spent some time last night with a former Muslim and now a believer in Christ. Safeyia was a young, lovely woman, much like Rifqa, who spoke of the terrible difficulties apostates face. Safeya lives under a fatwa her uncle issued on her. The jihad against Rifqa is the same violent ideology that mowed down the righteous men and women at Fort Hood. Would General Casey worry about insulting Muslim sensibilities by attempting to keep safe victims of apostasy fatwas and honor killings?” atlas shrugs 2000 typepad .com
    Rifqa Bary, a 17 year old girl who wants to be a christian, attacked by her brother, her parents went to court to reclaim her, and the court sent her back (as Rifqa states and provides proof from the korna that the are obligated to kill her for apostacy)
    So, why doesn’t this apply to HBO?

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