Rubashkin Verdict – 86 Counts

Shlomo Rubashkin was prosectuted for 91 counts, and now found guilty of 86.

These numbers are highly significant.  91 is the gematria of the name HaShem plus Adon-y, the name we say when we pray and the name we read. Kabbalistically, this means the union of the attribute of strict justice and total mercy.

Mr. Rubashkin was convicted of 86 counts. 86 is the gematria of the name Elokim, another name for strict justice that is related to Adon-y. (this is the secret of Binah and Malcut, the Mother and the Daughter).

In a sense, the hints we see in “real life” indicate that Mr. Rubashkin is receiving highly distilled strict judgments, from Elohkim.

This should arouse all of us to tshuva, because HaShem is not playing around here.  We need to stay on the straight and narrow and understand that we cannot play around with Esau.

This is Esau’s land, and we are guests in it.

(Esau also believes our holy land is his land too, or at least Yishmael’s, but as least with America Esau has an argument.)


8 Responses to Rubashkin Verdict – 86 Counts

  1. yaak says:

    Wow! I was thinking this exact 86-91 connection too!

    We pray that Hashem will help the Rubashkins in their tough situation, but we as a Klal definitely need to learn something from this, as you said.

  2. devorah says:

    I agree, good post. Send it to the Jewish sites where people are making stupid comments. Perhaps they need some education.

  3. Shmuel says:

    I think we need to pray that Shlomo Rubashikin along with all those who are Jewish and in jail..that they be freed soon. If the gamatria of the counts he was convicted on had equaled would the post have read? To have a Jew tried in a goyish court is a sad situation. I cant weigh in on the case becuase I was not on the jury nor do I have insider info from Mr. thing is for sure we have a Jewish person in jail..a punishment the Torah never condoned..i pray for the speedy release of all Jewish captives.

  4. Terry Black says:

    THe gematriot are interesting. However, other than the gematriot, his posting and the comments are way too judgmental!
    How do you know that this highly publicized trial and conviction on 86 counts is about Rubashkin and not about the Jewish People? How do you know that he is not atoning for something for the Klal? Maybe it is the Klal that is receiving strict judgment from Elokim, not Rabushkin? Or maybe not. Either way, it is more important to clean up one’s own act than to point at another.

    • jewishendofdays says:

      My purpose was not to judge. But its clear that strict judgments are being meeted out to Mr. Rubashkin.

      And this IS a wake up call for the Jewish people at large, as I noted in my post.

      For sure, we should all take heed and do tshuva when we witness what’s happening with Mr. Rubashkin.

      Furthermore, we should strive to rescue him from those who seek to do him harm, as it says in Tomer D’vorah

  5. […] HaShem should help Mr. Rubashkin, and mitigate the strict judgments of the 86 count conviction. […]

  6. neshama says:

    I believe the chassidishe perspectice is that 86 is also TEVA – ‘nature’, which is the veiled world we live in, meaning that we should see Hashem in the world around us, as He prefers to work within ‘nature’ rather than thru ‘miracles’ – which are above nature. How do you, judgmental commenters ‘know’ that it’s the side of harsh judgment; it could be, as Terry Black says, that Hashem is warning the Jews of America.

  7. […] Out of the 86 Counts, under the strictest scrutiny from the middah of din, Elokim, he came out 27, Zach. There is absolutely no question that the crime did not warrant the time. […]

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