Edom Begins Crackdown On Paras

Edom makes its first real strike against Persian assets.

In order to make sense of the End of Days, it is critical to note the distinction between Paras (Persia, Shiite Muslims) and Yishmael (Arab, Sunni/Wahhabi Muslims).

This is especially important because the End of Days conflict is not a religious conflict. Its a familial competition for “chosenness”.

We defend our right to be left alone, because we are confident that we are chosen.

The nations pursue us and don’t leave us alone, because they are not confident that they are chosen. Consequently, they can’t stand to see our confidence and self assuredness (we are “thorns” in their eyes as we were in the Egyptians’ eyes).

Tragically, the nations do not have the merit to know how they, too, could be “chosen” if they learn and live by the Noahide laws.


3 Responses to Edom Begins Crackdown On Paras

  1. Nesher says:

    “Tragically, the nations do not have the merit to know how they, too, could be “chosen” if they learn and live by the Noahide laws.”

    It all goes back to the tower of babel incident, if the nations didn’t rebel against G-d in the first place, the Jewish people wouldn’t have been needed to come into being.

    One question I do have is that what part do to non-abrahamic peoples play in this familial competition?

    • jewishendofdays says:

      The “non-abrahamic” peoples are spiritually rooted in either Esau or Yishmael.

      Unfortunately, given the fact that the so-called “non-aligned” nations of the UN consistently try to harm the Jews, we see this fact in action.

      In any event, INDIVIDUALS in all the nations have a choice.

      Hope this helps.

      – JEOD

  2. ML Suriano says:

    I was asking G-d to show me more about Noahides and foods.

    I had a realization later that night that
    “G-d sent the animals by 2 to Noah”… okay, Noah didn’t have to go collect the animals.. We’ve been told that before…
    but then I realized that “G-d sent the CLEAN animals by 7 pairs”… (we knew that also).

    I can just picture Noah, and sons… Okay pop… “Now what do we do with the extra 6 pairs of sheep, cattle, goat, lambs!!!” Noah probably said “G-d sent them, accept them!”

    Then we read that the birds were also sent in 7 pairs….. TO REDISTRIBUTE seeds across the earth!”…
    talk about sowing seeds!!!

    So, with that….. when the Ark came to rest on top of top of the mountain, the waters rescinded….
    Notice, that the olive tree was still with leaves on. Even though it was covered by the floods.. the leaves did not float away… (oil and water don’t mix!” oil floats). {Anyway… that was a side thought}……

    We are told that when they came out of the Ark, that Noah made an alter to Hashem and took “FROM the 7 pairs”… he did not take all 7 pairs of clean animals… but he knew which were clean!!! (There would be no clean animals left if he did).

    A thanksgiving offering always is cooked on the alter (Like us cooking in our ovens- hense why the kitchen is koshered by the Jewish)… and is eaten anywhere in the courtyard (like our dinning rooms, kitchenetts, kitchen nooks)…..

    So, from that Noah realized that the “CLEAN animals that Hashem sent to Noah in 7 pairs are the ones to eat”…
    Not that all animals are to be eaten. {Which is what the NT indicates!!!}

    Also, If we realize that Arabs would have learned what is clean from Ishmael, Ishmael learned from Abraham; and Abraham with Issac learned in the TENTS of Shem… Shem learned from what G-d showed him when they had the Animals come to the Ark…..
    Shem would have been teaching what is “Clean” all along.

    So with that we know that Arab’s are Noahides and they do NOT eat pork/swine… they know what is clean!!!

    Also note that the first time that the “bow” is mentioned the covanant was for the “Earth and Animals”… that Noah “SAW the bow”… at that point, it was not a convant yet for Noah-{That was indicated the 2nd time it is mentioned that it is a covanant between G-d and Noah.}

    This was G-ds way of showing his creation (Earth/aminals) that he will never stricken the entire earth and entire animals again..
    No wonder the animals were afraid of humans!!! The humans are the ones who caused the sins that brought about the flood. The humans were the ones who used the animals in a preverted way and although some of the animals oviously objected others must not have. (No different then today, some people put halloween costumes on their animals, is it the animals fault that their owners are using pagan behavior on them? Many animals will not allow these costumes on themselves- B’H).

    G-d went to what he created first (Earth, Animals) then to what he created last (man/women) with his covanant of the rainbow. But we also must take notice that G-d did not say that floods would not happen in parts of the earth. The entire earth went through a mikvah. The entire earth had to be cleansed from the preversions that happened. The earth still has places that have to be re-cleansed.

    Another form of cleansing “Pure as Gold” is fire. When gold is burned at high temperatures, the impure metals are smelted off (Removed). Notice in the oral tradition that Abraham went through the fire, and came out unskathed! Abraham was pure, like gold. He did not need smelting. The same with Daniel, Mishack, Abendigo (Sorry for spelling) they came out of the fire unskathed also, they were pure.

    The other point is, that Noah planted the vinyard. Noah collected the grapes… We cannot tell from the passage how much time took place, did he wait until the 4th year for the fuites to make wine? I have no idea…

    So, Moshe at Sinia was given a directive from G-d on what to do….
    Noah was show in a visual way, where Moshe received the written and Oral understandings. To solidify what G-d wanted from the people of the Exodus.

    Where Noah was to start an entire peoples (anyone who came from their lineage to know ahead of the written/oral understandings). This is why Noah was Righteous of his time. He was able to understand by what he saw around him. He did not let society dummy him down. He understood that G-d was sending them messages, without speaking to them.

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