Rubashkin Verdict – Light of 72

Once again, an amazing hint from the Rubashkin court proceedings.

Breaking news reports the goverment dropped the 72 pending immigration charges against Mr. Rubashkin.

72 is the gematria of the “Name of 72”, the permutation of HaShem’s name associated with the highest levels of mercy and kindness.

HaShem should help Mr. Rubashkin, and mitigate the strict judgments of the 86 count conviction.

To pray that Mr. Rubashkin be rescued from the hell of prison is a manifestation of the 9th of the 13 Atributes of Mercy: “And cast into the depths of the sea all of their sins”

Such a prayer shall also invoke mercy for those who pray.

As below, so to above.


One Response to Rubashkin Verdict – Light of 72

  1. Shimon says:

    Speaking of Gematriot, 86 is the Gematria of Elokim – G-d’s name representing the Attribute of Justice. For more on Gematriot, you can check out my blogspot

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