Paras Tells Edom To Take A Hike

December 23, 2009

Paras continues to pick a fight it can’t win.

For those who say PBO does not have the guts – Its not about guts. Its about power politics.

Best scenario for PBO:

  1. Israel attacks Iran;
  2. Iran counters against Israel and US and US Arab allies;
  3. US crushes Iran;
  4. PBO resurges to political popularity;
  5. PBO leverages his newfound political capital. He strong-arms Israel (along with economic threats by EU and military threats by Arab nations) to “sign off” on a deal relinquishing Temple Mount forever;
  6. Jews fail to do proper tshuva (repentance), G-d forbid.
  7. HaShem Should Protect Us!!!

We should all have an easy fast on the 10th of Teves, and constantly speak the good about (not just see the good in) other Jews!!


Moshiach ben Yosef – Moshiach ben David

December 22, 2009

The Torah portion, Vayigash, speaks of the conflict between Yosef and Yehuda.

Yosef represents Moshiach ben Yosef.  This energy force is possibly manifesting on a nation level as the “religious nationalist” camp in E”Y.

Yehuda represents Moshiach ben David. This energy force is possibly manifesting as the “haredi” camp in E”Y.

At first, Yehuda does not recognize Yosef.  But Yosef recognizes his brothers.  So too, today we see many haredim do not recognize that the religious nationalist camp has holy roots and holy aspirations.

Both brothers are acting for the sake of Heaven. The conflict between them leads ultimately to repentance and perfect unity.

So too today, G-d should bless us that the religious nationalists and haredim unite, without the need for dramatic conflictMoshiach ben Yosef and Moshiach ben David should rule together, soon, in our days.

Edom Strikes Fear Into Those Who Would Help Paras

December 17, 2009

Credit Suise is ordered to pay a $536 Million Dollar fine for doing business with Paras.

Edom vs. Paras continues to intensify.

HaShem should protect us all from the aftermath!

Until Here And No Further!

December 8, 2009

EU rules that all pre-1967 (and post-1948) parts of the holy land must revert to Arab sovereignty.

This decree means that, for now and forever as long as the current world order lasts, the Temple Mount is “legally” the Arabs’.

The nations are just so evil:

“I don’t really understand why Israel does not accept that Palestine consists of the West Bank, Gaza and east Jerusalem,” Luxembourg’s Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn told journalists.

Don’t understand??!!

In “negotiations”, the best the Jewish People will be allowed to secure is the “wall”.  Essentially, the world is saying, “Until here Jews, and no further. . . for the rest of time. ”

Of course, on the flip side, can we really complain that the nations don’t recognize how holy the Temple Mount is to us, if we don’t publicly recognize it ourselves?

Edom Gets On Same Page!

December 2, 2009

Russia joins the frey against Iran, joining America and the EU.  This is the final sea change in the build up to Edom’s war against Paras.

Edom & Ishmael track continues as they maneuver for a post-Paras world, laying legal groundwork to seize the Temple Mount (i.e. East Jerusalem)

“These with chariots, and these with horses. . .”

HaShem should have mercy!