Until Here And No Further!

EU rules that all pre-1967 (and post-1948) parts of the holy land must revert to Arab sovereignty.

This decree means that, for now and forever as long as the current world order lasts, the Temple Mount is “legally” the Arabs’.

The nations are just so evil:

“I don’t really understand why Israel does not accept that Palestine consists of the West Bank, Gaza and east Jerusalem,” Luxembourg’s Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn told journalists.

Don’t understand??!!

In “negotiations”, the best the Jewish People will be allowed to secure is the “wall”.  Essentially, the world is saying, “Until here Jews, and no further. . . for the rest of time. ”

Of course, on the flip side, can we really complain that the nations don’t recognize how holy the Temple Mount is to us, if we don’t publicly recognize it ourselves?


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