Paras Tells Edom To Take A Hike

Paras continues to pick a fight it can’t win.

For those who say PBO does not have the guts – Its not about guts. Its about power politics.

Best scenario for PBO:

  1. Israel attacks Iran;
  2. Iran counters against Israel and US and US Arab allies;
  3. US crushes Iran;
  4. PBO resurges to political popularity;
  5. PBO leverages his newfound political capital. He strong-arms Israel (along with economic threats by EU and military threats by Arab nations) to “sign off” on a deal relinquishing Temple Mount forever;
  6. Jews fail to do proper tshuva (repentance), G-d forbid.
  7. HaShem Should Protect Us!!!

We should all have an easy fast on the 10th of Teves, and constantly speak the good about (not just see the good in) other Jews!!


2 Responses to Paras Tells Edom To Take A Hike

  1. Robert says:

    Short, sweet, concise and insightful! wow. This is the formula – speak the good. See the good, but speak the good!

  2. […] weeks ago this blog predicted that launching a war against Paras would be PBO’s rabbit out of the hat to stay in power.  […]

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