Edom Arms Ishmael – What We Can Do

Edom ramps up arming Ishmael with advanced missiles.  The alleged threat is Iran/terrorists, but what’s the target after Iran falls?

Of course, according to our Sages – Israel.

But there is something we can do to mitigate this. . .

In parshat Vayechi, we learn that when Yosef and his brothers went up to E”Y to bury Yaakov, the princes of Ishmael came to do battle.  But once they saw Yosef’s crown hanging from the funeral bier, they all circled it with their own crowns, and let the caravan pass freely. (Rashi, Vayechi 50:10).

It is known that the Crown of Yosef was his brit milah, which he “guarded” in holiness and purity in the face of the massively sensual and erotic temptations of Egypt.

The b’nei Yishmael also have a brit milah, which underlies their spiritual claim (and current physical foothold) to E’Y.  But when they saw the unblemished Crown of Yosef, i.e.,  his guarded brit milah, which far outshone their “crowns”, the b’nei Ishmael were forced to admit Yaakov’s and his sons’ rights to E”Y.

So too, today – if the Jewish men Guard their Brit properly,  Yishmael will be forced, spritually and thus physically, to recognize our right to E’Y.  The Torah teaches this very clearly.

For sure, this is not easy, but it must be done.  Now that we are in the Shovavim period, HaShem should give us strength to do a complete tshuva in this area.

For starters, the very best first thing a person can do in the path to tshuva is download and install the K-9 filter to their computer and have a trusted friend (or spouse) set it up with the password – doing so is a tremendous merit for k’lal Yisrael.

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2 Responses to Edom Arms Ishmael – What We Can Do

  1. sharon says:

    Eagerly looking forward to days when the real heroes will light up. As pirkei avot teaches:
    Who is wise? He who learns from everyone
    Who is strong? He who conquers his evil inclination
    Who is rich? He who is happy with his lot

  2. kalman says:

    You are saying here that shmiras habris takes away the koach of yishmael. In a larger scope that tikkun habris relates to Adam’s tikkun: The Gemarra Shabbos 146a, with rashi, says that she snake actually had relations with Chava. The snake was teaching Chava to use her body, to use creation for incorrect and hence perverse purposes, namely for personal pleasure and benefit. The sin wasn’t just eating from the tree, it was the beginning of a crooked and selfish and perverse perspective about the purpose of Hashem’s creations. The real purpose of the things in this world is to do Hashem’s will, and to use His creations to serve and praise Him. This is the meaning of Hashem remembering the chasdei avos, in the beginning of shmoneh esrei. Hashem remembers and holds dear how the fathers used His world correctly. It’s not about our pleasure, that’s not the purpose of why we were given this world and all of its things. The difficulty here is that when Chava used her body to couple with a snake, and subsequently ate from the tree for her pleasure, she learned that pleasure and ta’avah is a driving motivator. Ta’avah/pleasure became a driving force. This was the incorporation of the yetzer hora into ourselves. The Torah, on the other hand, is all about using the world and everything in it for the right reasons, for what it was created. Hence Torah connects all the objects and articles in our life and of the world, and all aspects of our beings (even our thoughts and feelings), and everything that was created, to Hashem’s will. It is the perfect antidote to the notion, which began with Chava, that the goal is personal pleasure. In this context, guarding the bris, and tznius, are the most salient and directly connected expressions of this antidote, because they cover and rectify the weak point where the goal ofpersonal pleasure first entered. Tikkun Habris (guarding the bris) and tznius (modesty) are imparative, because they are the beginning point of fixing Adam’s sin.

    I appreciate your blog and the perspective it gives. Please write about the ideas I presented here in a blog entry where it will be seen, whether you put my name on it or not. Please, rewrite it and add to.

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