Don’t Count Him Out

Many folks are prematurely ecstatic about the downfall of PBO.  Really, his failure to accomplish anything domestically will force his hand to wage war.

After all, while PBO can’t unilaterally dictate to Congress or the Supreme Court, he can dictate to the military (and seek Congressional approval after the fact).

Several weeks ago this blog predicted that launching a war against Paras would be PBO’s rabbit out of the hat to stay in power.  Today, one of PBO’s staunchest opponents, boldy states the same.

Of course, Edom’s defeat of Paras will not immediately manifest as a good thing for the Jewish people, but rather will set the stage for Gog and Magog.

All we can do, and what we are supposed to do, is tshuva – each small step towards reconnecting with HaShem through learning Torah and doing Mitzvot (especially acts of kindness) reduces the severity of the birthpangs of the coming of Moshiach (mamtik ha’dinim).


One Response to Don’t Count Him Out

  1. pastor,mark says:

    You need to read zechariah 14:1-5.this will soon come to pass,then the true people of Y.H.W.H will live in the vally of the mt.may Thee Lord God Jesus christ,make his word come to pass soon.peace.

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