The Final Test For The Gentiles

Reb Gutman at Mystical Paths writes about a Jewish and a gentile man he met at the kotel.

Turns out, the gentile man’s mother saved the Jewish man from certain death during the Holocaust.  Rightly so,  Reb Gutman greatly praises the gentile man’s family for their heroic deed.

In fact, the gentile’s fundamental test at the End of Days, the test that indicates if they are evil or good, is whether they will save a Jew during a time of Jewish persecution (HaShem should protect us!).

If a gentile risks his life to protect innocent Jewish blood, they are with HaShem.  If not, they are “with Nebucadnezzar and his friends.”


2 Responses to The Final Test For The Gentiles

  1. neshama says:

    It feels like we are nearing this time.

  2. I, and all the true b’nai Noah are with you in this. We will be prepared to risk our lives for the sake of Jewish blood, and for Israel and HaShem!

    I pray it will not be necessary, but I fear it could well be.

    Frances Makarova (Rachav)

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