Edom Meets

Sadly, the US is turning the way many predicted, toward the side of darkness and evil, heaven forfend.

Now an exclusive meeting between the US, Russia, and the EU about the “middle east”.

We know what they will be talking about – War against Paras, and taking Jerusalem away from the Jews.

HaShem is clearly making us feel bondage as we approach Pesach, so that we do tshuva.


4 Responses to Edom Meets

  1. Steve says:

    Even though the US government is taking the most horrible turn possible, I am finding that every day more American citizens are turning to the Torah. I co-moderate a Noahide group and every day we are getting one or two new members joining the group. Hashem is in control of all things, and I think He is starting to allow many more gentiles to see that Torah is the only way to go.

  2. Here here Steve, I am with you on this.


  3. jewishendofdays says:

    G-d, I hope you’re right.

  4. blackjewishgirl says:

    Steve, that’s so positive to hear!

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