Boxing American Style – Left Jab, Right Cross

Sure enough, the Dems are hyping the “threats” against them as a result of passing Obamacare.  But the really interesting thing is that the  first “shot” of violence was not against a Dem, but rather against a staunch conservative but Jewish congressman, Republican Rep. Eric Cantor.

What we are seeing in America very much resembles what happened in Europe in the mid-20’s.  The leftist Weimar government (filled with secular liberal Jews) bankrupted the country, made a mess of things, and alienated millions of working class “conservatives.”  Their conduct created a highly volatile (and increasingly violent) cultural and political climate – this is the Left Jab – the setup for the knockout punch.

In turn, another bunch of “socialists”, but “conservative” ones, rose to power from the ruins of Weimar.  Likewise, today, we have the “Tea Party” movement, which contains anti-semitic, racist, and violent elements, and who are really socialists in “patriotic/nationalist” clothes – this is the Right Cross.

HaShem should help us all put our “guard up” by doing tshuvah, and beseaching our true Guardian in Heaven to protect us from the Left Jab, and the Right Cross.


One Response to Boxing American Style – Left Jab, Right Cross

  1. Vincent says:

    It is the old good cop, bad cop routine isn’t it?
    The long march of contrieved Heglian dialectics on which the NWO is presumably taking mankind is another way of phrasing this play with opposites or dualities.
    And so, nothing new under the sun, history repeats itself.
    ‘Controlled opposition’ is another word that comes to mind, ruling classes do use these kind of tricks. Without wanting to sound as a conspiracy nutter, because just as you write and you know so much more about that than me, it is really HaShem controlling everything. In Heaven they hold all the leverage. It must be a wake up call for you people to do Teshuva and Aliya. Sometimes I think that when a certain lever itself starts falling down from Heaven, as in ‘in the End of days for example’. It might be so that as this lever starts tumbling through the intermediate spheres (just imagine) it causes a row and it takes entities with them and word starts going out and people such as secret agencies and kabbalistst or psychics and minor prophets start knowing something others not yet know, because it will cause an effect down here on earth where people such as governments and compagnies have interests. So it is somewhat kept secret. They do not want things to change or end. A spiritual war starts this way and a real war even later perhaps. And also this way in itself a conpiracy or furtil ground for conspiracy theories is created because common men don’t trust and understand how on earth did people knew about it in advange. And what was going on?
    But that is just a stupid slightly off topic thing of mine that I am taking the privilege of of posting on YOUR blog. Some sort of unwanted attachment maybe. (Klipa?)
    I really wanted to tell you about the comments underneath this story. It is urgent. The knock out punch seem to come quicker than you think.

    Bye, take care !

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