Not A Wise Move

April 21, 2010

US harshly criticises large major newspaper advertisements by Lauder and Wiesel in favor of Israel’s position on Jerusalem that appeared in the U.S. press.

“All these advertisements are not a wise move,” one senior American official told Haaretz.

“Not a wise move?”  . . . What is that supposed to mean?

Sounds to me like a threat to American Jews to stop exercising the right to speak against government policies viz Israel . . . or else.

HaShem should protect us all!


Trying To Figure Out This Volcano

April 18, 2010

I’ve been trying really hard and I just can’t figure out what this Volcano episode is trying to communicate.

The moshiach blogosphere is ripe with opinions, the two most prominent are (1) this is measure for measure to Britain for striking Jerusalem from Israel or (2) an ominous warning for the Jews in America that they can’t take for granted the opportunity to get to E”Y when and if they need to.

In my humble opinion, “this and this” are likely true, but the first is the message for the gentiles, and the second for the Jews.

The implications are  simple – the Gentiles and the Jewish people must repent.

How?  Simple – “Don’t do to others what you don’t want them to do to you.” –  (R. Akiva)

If we do this, divine guidance and protection is sure to follow.

An Israeli Leader Who Makes Sense

April 16, 2010

Strategic Affairs Minister Moshe Ya’alon has told The Jerusalem Post, adding that just as Arabs live in Israel, so, too, should Jews be able to live in a future Palestinian entity.

“If we are talking about coexistence and peace, why the [Palestinian] insistence that the territory they receive be ethnically cleansed of Jews?” Ya’alon asked during a wide-ranging interview.

The nations will be even more guilty if they brazenly ignore this brilliant and true argument.

The Killer APP – The American Peace Plan

April 15, 2010

The American Peace Plan (APP) is coming.  Get ready — the APP will demand the Jews relinquish control over the Temple Mount (but Jews will be allowed to keep “major” settlements along the green line).

The choices for us are stark:

  • Option 1: Get “murdered” by the world if we rebel and fight implementation of the APP;
  • Option 2: Grudgingly assist implementation of the APP in a way that best mitigates its negative and dangerous effects, and thus possibly avoid destruction and war.

I don’t have shoulders big enough to answer these questions.   Ultimately, I would rely on the opinions of the people I recognize as the Gedolei ha’dor.

But I do fear that reckless fundamentalist Jewish elements will force Option 1 upon us, as in the times of the Second Temple (e.g. the baryonim).

Please G-d, that Moshiach ben Yosef will arise and lead if the Jews are forced to fight.

Eliphaz Executes Devious Plot

April 11, 2010

Tragedy strikes Poland as its President and top military leaders are killed in a firery crash.

The ironies in this story are detailed, stark, and pathetic.  One needs to be willfully blind not to see this “accident” as anything but the execution of a devious plot. Real life drama is truly better than fiction.

Any way you put it, the KGB gangster(s) that rules Russia is playing for keeps.  Poland has been sold for a song. . . the Seller’s remorse is sure to come, when it sees the song is just a song.

This is yet another provocation, challenge, and manipulation by Eliphaz (Russia) as he asserts his birthright and dominance over Reuel (US), his younger brother. (The deed fiendishly and perfectly contrived to take place right after the “successful” START treaty signing).

Look for more unanswered provocations, challenges, and manipulations to come.

Things Are Getting Interesting (and Scary!)

April 9, 2010


This article is the big bold headline at this moment in time on the Drudge Report website

The Drudge Report is viewed by over 30,000,000 Americans on a daily basis. I read it a everyday myself, and have a feel for the way the site serves Middle East conflict news.

A headline like this is not so pashut (simple).

Lets be honest here – the Jews really need a deliverance from above to be free.

HaShem should protect us all.