Things Are Getting Interesting (and Scary!)


This article is the big bold headline at this moment in time on the Drudge Report website

The Drudge Report is viewed by over 30,000,000 Americans on a daily basis. I read it a everyday myself, and have a feel for the way the site serves Middle East conflict news.

A headline like this is not so pashut (simple).

Lets be honest here – the Jews really need a deliverance from above to be free.

HaShem should protect us all.


2 Responses to Things Are Getting Interesting (and Scary!)

  1. devorah says:

    What do you think? Should he go or not? I think he’s made the right decision.

    • jewishendofdays says:

      Its a good decision in terms of his current capabilities, but I do believe there’s nothing to prevent the “ambush” – Israel’s alleged nuclear capability is sure to get a close second media spotlight during the event.

      Things are what they are.

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