Eliphaz Executes Devious Plot

Tragedy strikes Poland as its President and top military leaders are killed in a firery crash.

The ironies in this story are detailed, stark, and pathetic.  One needs to be willfully blind not to see this “accident” as anything but the execution of a devious plot. Real life drama is truly better than fiction.

Any way you put it, the KGB gangster(s) that rules Russia is playing for keeps.  Poland has been sold for a song. . . the Seller’s remorse is sure to come, when it sees the song is just a song.

This is yet another provocation, challenge, and manipulation by Eliphaz (Russia) as he asserts his birthright and dominance over Reuel (US), his younger brother. (The deed fiendishly and perfectly contrived to take place right after the “successful” START treaty signing).

Look for more unanswered provocations, challenges, and manipulations to come.


3 Responses to Eliphaz Executes Devious Plot

  1. Vincent says:


    Via worldtribune.com. You see, this site is realy good. qalso the ‘Abbas asks for NATO troops’ I first read overthere already about two moths ago or there about.
    But how did you know it?
    Goodluck, take care!

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