The Killer APP – The American Peace Plan

The American Peace Plan (APP) is coming.  Get ready — the APP will demand the Jews relinquish control over the Temple Mount (but Jews will be allowed to keep “major” settlements along the green line).

The choices for us are stark:

  • Option 1: Get “murdered” by the world if we rebel and fight implementation of the APP;
  • Option 2: Grudgingly assist implementation of the APP in a way that best mitigates its negative and dangerous effects, and thus possibly avoid destruction and war.

I don’t have shoulders big enough to answer these questions.   Ultimately, I would rely on the opinions of the people I recognize as the Gedolei ha’dor.

But I do fear that reckless fundamentalist Jewish elements will force Option 1 upon us, as in the times of the Second Temple (e.g. the baryonim).

Please G-d, that Moshiach ben Yosef will arise and lead if the Jews are forced to fight.


10 Responses to The Killer APP – The American Peace Plan

  1. David says:

    What option do we have but Option 1??? It’s bad enough the Waqf has control over operations on the Mount, but being forced to give up control of the Old City completely? Isn’t that unacceptable?

    • jewishendofdays says:

      It depends on whether you are willing to take the responsibility for provoking a potentially suicidal war against the nations. Part of that responsibility is not just whether you die, but whether your actions will cause others to die and, G-d forbid, for the Jews to lose what little sovereignty and freedom we do have in our holy land.

  2. neshama says:

    Doesn’t it say somewhere that Hashem will fight our wars?
    In WWII the people were told NOT TO GO TO ERETZ HAKODESH, and millions died.
    We are now in Eretz HaKodesh. Is that the price to pay?
    The Obama initiative is deliberate and scathing: to force the world to go against Israel. We need Moshiach ben David first.

    • jewishendofdays says:

      I am not telling people not to go to E”Y. In fact, the opposite – Jews should long to be there, and do everything within their power to do so in a reasonable fashion.

      The gadol I spoke with, R. Chaim Kanievsky, simply emphasized being sure one has a reasonable parnassah plan for E’Y, rather than just moving with some savings and hoping things work out somehow. Again, of course, that might have been his advice for me in my situation.

  3. Nesher says:

    Thing is, all the nations are going to come against Israel regardless of what we chose.

    IMHO it is because we are afraid of going against the nations in asserting our legitimacy and unwilling to trust in Hashem, that all this trouble has come about.

    That is unless you are referring to the idea that the nations will fight and destroy each other in Israel, while Jews just have to sit back and lay low?

  4. jewishendofdays says:

    For sure, failure to assert our legitimacy in terms of our faith is a problem.

    That will ultimately come with the manifestation of Moshiach ben Yosef, who will warn the nations in clarify and righteousness.

    But I am very concerned about pretenders to the throne (e.g. reincarnated Baryonim/Zealots from the 2nd Temple period).

    • Nesher says:

      Is there any way to seperate the Baryonim from the Genuine Article?

      I mean some say that MBY will be a militarized version of Rabbi Meir Kahane who’ll live in the Judean hills and rally against both individual Erev Rav as well as the institutions they currently occupy, branding them as “agents / puppets of the nations”.

      Others say MBY will not be a man of war who’ll fight against the nations, while a few vaguely state that we’ll get the Moshiach we deserve and will refuse to accept him when he reveals himself.

      • jewishendofdays says:

        They key to identifying MBY will be his stand on Jewish repentance with respect to personal holiness (shmirat haBrit). The reason for this is that he is connected to Yesod, the brit.

        His core message will not be “independence”, but rather “repentance”. If this is not his core value and message, then I would be wary of taking up a pretender’s mantel.

    • AriG says:

      I thought that the Hebrew term for the Zealots of that period (and zealots in general) is Kanaim?

  5. Yonatan says:

    I understand your concerns, they are valid, however, do you really think that we’ve undergone the recent horrors of the holocaust followed by miracle after miracle in the settling of the land, wars and Jews from the 4 corners of the world streaming to the Holy Land just to bow to the will of the nations? Do you really think that is what Hashem wants of us? Do the right thing, Hashem will take care of the rest.

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