Off To The Holy Land – The Ultimate Dream

May 24, 2010

I’m sitting in Newark Airport, waiting for my flight to E”Y.

The plan – fulfillment of the ultimate Moshiach Blogosphere fantasy – to somehow be in E”Y, residing, ready, and within walking distance of Tiverius so as to be well positioned for when Moshiach arrives.

In the short term, my goal will be to secure real estate (and a viable parnassah per R. Chaim Kanievsky) that can be a temporary refuge for Jews exiled from the West Bank (and/or the US) during the labor pangs.

A dream for sure, but I am doing my best hishtadlut to make it, b’ezrat HaShem, into a reality.

Next post from the Holy Land, b’ezrat haShem.


R. Chaim Kanievsky and Moving to Eretz Yisrael

May 13, 2010

Over a year ago I asked R. Chaim Kanievsky whether I should move my family to E”Y.

Yesh Parnasaah?“, he asked.  OK, I thought, that’s Plan A.

“What if I come with a bunch of money?” – Plan B

R. Chaim replied, “Then you spend it and go back. What’s the point?”

Either it was ruach ha’kodesh or it was because I was wearing my “best” Zegna shirt to meed him (non-white), but the G’dol ha’Dor is the G’dol ha’Dor.  You can’t Rabbi-shop R. Chaim Kanievsky.

The point here is my sense is very strong that the “fish is turning”.  When major financial news outlets (FT, Economist) start talking about a future “American” debt crisis, there is fire where there is smoke.  And ad this to a crazy government that is just bending backwards to please Ishmael, and bending forward for Amalek, the fire might just be a better bet than the frying pan.

And, on a personal note, I had a vivid dream two weeks ago that I was in a camp of some sort looking for a cot to sleep in, thinking I should get one “over here” to avoid the crush when more people and the rain showed up.  We had to be in the camp for some reason, and the feeling was that it was temporary.  We then moved to another part of the camp and we heard news that they were moving us to “Arizona.”

I didn’t like that news because it made me realize this situation was going to become more permanent.  I decided to escape. As we walked between the two camps I sort of lurked across the street and around to the corner so nobody could see me. I got around the corner and breathed a sigh of relief.  Just as I caught me breath a man walked out of a door way in front of me.  He was wearing a uniform that looked like the meeting of a Nazi SS uniform and a US postal service uniform. I remember the light blue color of the hat and the red embroidery around the brim.

“You are trying to escape”, he said firmly.  I thought he was then going to hurt me there on the spot.  He took out a sheet of paper to write my “punishment” on it, which was to have to live in the pig manure lagoon. He gave me the slip and I went back to camp.

I arrived at the woods in the back to head to the lagoon and I saw a man dressed in a monkey suit writhing on the ground. I could see his face, and he was furiously scratching at the top of the monkey mask to scratch through to his scalp, which was infected with scabies and lice.  I looked at the man and it was Jason Alexander form the Seinfeld show.  I woke up.

I had not thought about camps or the Holocaust in particular recently, so the dream was not something I was thinking about during the day.  And I haven’t watched Seinfeld in years.

The implications of the dream are obvious, especially insofar as I’ve come to understand Jason Alexander as the paradigm for the good-hearted, well meaning, non-Orthodox, tinok sh’nishbud Jewish people in America.

I know there is no guarantees when it comes to “surviving” the End of Days, but I do have a deep hope of somehow making it to live in E”Y and to be there with my family to great Moshiach when he arrives.

G-d willing I am travelling to E”Y in a few weeks and am trying to put together a starter-parnassah there so I can m’kayim R. Chaim’s eitzah (as I understood it from our brief encounter).

Hating To Be Right – Hoisted By Our Own Petard

May 3, 2010

As predicted several months ago, the PA continue to move towards unilateral declaration of a state.  In essense, they are really just taking a page from our playbook in this regard.

Related recent news reports (building blocks on the way):

It would not be too presumptuous to opine that this is all measure-for-measure for our Jewish failure to simply mention HaShem in the State of Israel’s declaration of independence, the anniversary of which soon approaches. We based our State on rights granted by the UN, and so too will the Pals.

But its virtually certain that Pal declaration of independence will pay small lip service to the UN but rather will be chock full of “establishment rights” under Allah, Islam, and the Koran.

Let’s not do unto others what is hateful unto ourselves – our salvation is as simple as that!

“The Most Important Thing Is Not To Be Afraid” – the Holy R. Nachman ztk’l

A Volcano Of Oil

May 2, 2010

After much thought, I’ve finally pegged a possible connection (and implication) of the European Volcano and the Gulf Oil Disaster.

When viewing the oil disaster in my mind’s eye, the situation reminds me of the Nile turning to blood in Mitzrayim.  And the Volcano certainly evokes the plague of darkness.

Unfortunately, there is no data with respect to what was occuring in Nazi Germany in the prelude to WWII in terms of natural and man-made disasters, so there is no comp that can be made. My gut is, however, that the rise of the Nazis was not accompanied with the incidents we see here, but rather they were “potch-free” as they ascended to power.

The situation we are seeing today in the Edom/Yishmael vs. Jews conflict is not a “potch-free ascendancy” scenario, but rather more like what occured in Mitzrayim.  The implication of which is that, unlike Germany, which initially tried to force Jews out, the American situation may develop into a Mitzrayim scenario, where Jews are not allowed to leave.

Just a thought . . . .HaShem should protect us all.