A Volcano Of Oil

After much thought, I’ve finally pegged a possible connection (and implication) of the European Volcano and the Gulf Oil Disaster.

When viewing the oil disaster in my mind’s eye, the situation reminds me of the Nile turning to blood in Mitzrayim.  And the Volcano certainly evokes the plague of darkness.

Unfortunately, there is no data with respect to what was occuring in Nazi Germany in the prelude to WWII in terms of natural and man-made disasters, so there is no comp that can be made. My gut is, however, that the rise of the Nazis was not accompanied with the incidents we see here, but rather they were “potch-free” as they ascended to power.

The situation we are seeing today in the Edom/Yishmael vs. Jews conflict is not a “potch-free ascendancy” scenario, but rather more like what occured in Mitzrayim.  The implication of which is that, unlike Germany, which initially tried to force Jews out, the American situation may develop into a Mitzrayim scenario, where Jews are not allowed to leave.

Just a thought . . . .HaShem should protect us all.


2 Responses to A Volcano Of Oil

  1. SOLLY says:

    I just heard from an associate in the OIL industry, some shocking info on the GULF OIL DISASTER,

    a) people in the oil business KNOW that the gush is bigger than the press is leading us to believe. about 10-15,000 barrels per day.

    b) it will take about THREE MONTHS to control the rush of oil, by drilling a relief well nearby. this is not an easy task.

    Oil will continue flowing out at the same rate for three months. the exxon valdez disaster will seem like child’s play next to this.

    c) some people doubt that BP can remain in business after this incident.

    d) the ripple effects of this disaster to the rest of the u.s. economy will be huge,
    impossible to calculate at this moment.

    Hashem is definitely up to somethin!

  2. sivan says:


    a video about it:

    if you can read hebrew, my post about it:

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