Hating To Be Right – Hoisted By Our Own Petard

As predicted several months ago, the PA continue to move towards unilateral declaration of a state.  In essense, they are really just taking a page from our playbook in this regard.

Related recent news reports (building blocks on the way):

It would not be too presumptuous to opine that this is all measure-for-measure for our Jewish failure to simply mention HaShem in the State of Israel’s declaration of independence, the anniversary of which soon approaches. We based our State on rights granted by the UN, and so too will the Pals.

But its virtually certain that Pal declaration of independence will pay small lip service to the UN but rather will be chock full of “establishment rights” under Allah, Islam, and the Koran.

Let’s not do unto others what is hateful unto ourselves – our salvation is as simple as that!

“The Most Important Thing Is Not To Be Afraid” – the Holy R. Nachman ztk’l


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