Ishmael Visits His Daughter

June 30, 2010

Today is the 17 of Tammuz, the most auspiciously tragic day in Jewish history. This is a day our true enemies seize upon to do us harm.

Today of all days, amazingly, the King of Ishmael met with BO with the express purpose to discuss the “two-state solution“.

Analysts say the Saudis want Obama to lean on Netanyahu over stalled peace talks with the Palestinians and on freezing Jewish settlements on occupied Arab land.

As to the nefarious result of this meeting,  a picture is worth a thousand words.

A Loving Daughter, Eager To Please!


Whose Your Daddy, BO?

June 26, 2010

I speak to many respected Rabbis and also read thoughts on the blogoshere about just who is BO in terms of the End of Days.

In my opinion, I believe that Redemption 5760 is correct that in a major aspect BO is, spiritually speaking, Basmath, the daughter of Ishmael.  (See the details showing the amazing gematriot relationships).

BO Golfs Like A Girl (see video)

As BO is Basmath, BO is female (nukvah).  By female I mean passive,  receptive, and without independent cause.  BO has never acted as a leader, but rather as a spokesman.  According to Kabbalah, the mouth is female in that is expresses thoughts which “pour” (mashpiah) into it. It is not BO’s essence to lead (to be mashpiah), but to do as received and commanded (m’kabel).

The concept that BO is spiritually female can provide a clearer understanding of current events in light of the End of Days.

Who Leads BO?

If BO is Basmath, we must look at her two principal male-female familial relationships.  Basmath’s father is Ishmael. She grows up in his house, as a daughter-slave.  She then marries Esau, and moves under his dominion and domination.  All of the dynamics of this family relationship are now manifesting on a global stage.

BO’s Father

First, we see that right from the start BO shows extreme deference to Ishmael by deeply bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia, who is no doubt the leader of Ishmael of this generation.  This  historically anomalous bow demonstrates that BO is female (nukvah) to the Saudi King.  The King of Saudi Arabia is mashpiah (male to) to BO.

Thinking of this as a family relationship will help to understand.  BO is the daughter of Saudi Arabia. BO looks up to her father, and craves his attention and approval.  She wants to please him.  She is a slave to him and will eagerly do his bidding.  (And, speaking of slaves, there is no doubt that behind closed doors, the racist Saudis – whose Arab kinsmen have black African slaves to this day – have a good laugh about their “slave” who leads America).

This explains why BO continues to move headlong to a war with Paras.  It sure isn’t because he’s a fan of the Jews or wants to do Israel any favors.  BO is simply doing his daddy’s bidding, which is to crush Paras.  And he full well knows who daddy’s next target is.

BO’s Husband

BO’s “husband” is Russia.  BO grew up in a household full of communists during a time when communists revered the Soviet Union.  He is known to have seriously associated with, and to have shown great honor to, avowed communists.  And now, with great pride and teenage swagger, he gets to make friends with the big shots who lead the nation his parents and mentors loved and respected – Russia. (And he gets to pal around ultimate communist rock-star and power source, Mr. King KGB himself, Putin).

Now we are talking Esau here, so the husband and wife do not exactly have a peaceful home (shalom bait).  Rather it is a relationship of abuse, power, romance, and rape (and this an unnatural rape is connected to the secret of Amalek, v’haven).  We see this in Russian-American geopolitical relations, as Russia steamrolls over and disrespects America at will.

Because Russia is the husband, he is even more influential than the father.  Hence, BO will only do Saudi Arabia’s bidding if Russia approves.  The approval is a secret, and cloaked by public Russian protestations against anti-Iranian sanctions and actions, but the the express verbal approval is there.  Russia wants this war to happen.

And why is Russia so happy about all this?  First, because they will make billions selling oil to the world! Imagine what might happen if Gulf-oil goes off-line for a few months due to a major Persian Gulf war and Russia becomes the West’s premier supplier. (See other ways Russia schemes to take advantage of America economically).

Second, and most importantly, Russia, the spiritual manifestation of Esau’s firstborn son Eliphaz, is the true leader of Edom – they wish to see Paras fall so Edom can consolidate control around the Holy Land to consummate their nefarious plot against Yishuv E”Y, chas v’shalom.

In Conclusion

Next time you read or watch something about BO, especially when he deals directly with Saudi Arabia or Russia, ask out loud, “Whose your daddy?”

Rubashkin Case – 27 Years – Pure

June 23, 2010

We are all familiar with the Rubashkin travesty.  27 years in prison as a result of a trumped up, police fishing investigation.

Make no mistakes, the shaping of federal law over the past three decades is allowing travesties like this to very legally happen.

First-offender white collar crimes are putting people away for life in prison.

I am a former litigator with experience working white-collar crime cases with a former US Attorney. Believe me,  the fix is in against a person with no political pull.  The Dept. of Justice is a law firm. The US Attorneys are lawyers that work for that firm.  They are the best, most aggressive criminal attorneys in the country. Their job is to win.  The currency of victory is years in prison.

The only one who can call off the dogs when these guys are in the hunt to put someone away is the US Attorney General. And that’s a political position under BO’s control and direction. If he doesn’t help you, the dogs will stop at nothing.  This case was surely brought to BO’s attention, given the profile and politics of the case.

BO did absolutely nothing to intervene.  BO and Holder had all the power in the world to have prosecutors request a much more reasonable sentence.  Again, the Dept. of Justice is a law firm, and the US Attorney General is the managing and most senior partner.

Esau is playing hardball

US Attorneys play hardball with threats of cruel imprisonment. They manipulate witnesses with these threats.  The laws on the books are legally so draconian that if a person is in their sights, they will say anything to save themselves from years in prison. Witness tampering of this sort is known to occur, especially in high profile cases where prosecutors need to deliver a big win.

In the Rubashkin case, the prosecutors case was substantially supported by damaging eyewitness testimony by people who were forced to cut deals with the government to save their own skin. Can you imagine being confronted with US Attorney, who has power over your liberty, telling you – “I’ll put you in jail for life if you don’t testify against the defendant”?

Why 27?

The pasuk reads “Shemen Zait Zach” -For the Menorah, we are commanded to use the “purest olive olive”. The gematria of Zach, pure, is 27.

I believe haShem is trying to tell us that Mr. Rubashkin is Zach, pure.

Out of the 86 Counts, under the strictest scrutiny from the middah of din, Elokim, he came out 27, Zach. There is absolutely no question that the crime did not warrant the time.

The fact that Mr. Rubashin is zach is further supported by the fact that he was found innocent of the most serious charges against him, that he employed illegal alien children.  And it was this charge that started the whole affair. (Truly, when the feds saw that their child labor and immigration cases were junk, they created a rainstorm out of a piece of dust.)

And there is no question that US federal jurisprudence is now a distorted jurisprudence which can be readily abused by evil people to produce very evil legal results.  Jew or gentile, if the government digs and distorts, any person could be in danger.

Importantly also, I believe HaShem is trying to send us another message. Think E”Y.  Pray E”Y. Encourage others and do hishtadlut to get to E”Y.

And if you don’t feel that way, ask haShem to help you feel that way.

HaShem should have mercy, immediately and quickly, on Mr. Rubashkin and the Jewish People, and we should be redeemed, finally and forever.

Paras, Edom and the New World Order

June 22, 2010

An “International” new world order with a single global currency is really shaping up, led by Russia.  Spiritually speaking, Russia is the eldest son of Esau, Eliphaz (my G-d is gold). He continues to assert his birthright as leader of Edom, and the world, as against Ruel (evil and kindness), the US.

Eliphaz continues to facilitate the downfall and submission of Ruel (America). Of course, gold will be the primary source of Eliphaz’s power (again, and this is key, Eliphaz means “Eli”, my G-d, “Paz”, is gold). This makes sense because Edom comes from the side of gevurah, strict judgments, and the holy books say that gold is rooted in gevurah.

During an American war against Paras, Russia’s oil will be the critical commodity for the western economy while Persian Gulf oil temporarily goes off-line.  Russsian oil will be in huge demand and will command a premium price.  All the more so this will be the case given the American Gulf oil production shutdown.

And just when the world, especially America, needs their oil during crunch-time, Russia will demand new payment terms – a portion of any oil purchase must be paid in gold.

This will “break the fence” and severely undermine targeted fiat currencies in the major step to their ultimate demise.

Russia will get the gold and rise to global prominence and dominance, and the dollar and the US will be left in the dustbin.

Striking Their Gods

June 16, 2010

Funny but weird news the past few days.

Giant JC Statue Struck By Lightning And Destroyed

Oil Spill Continues Unabated

General Petreus Briefly Slumps Unconscious During Senate Hearing

World Continues To Push Israel On Gaza

In my opinion, haShem has mercy for Gentiles as well as Jews.  Pharoh was given many opportunities in the beginning to see the signs and repent.  So too, the Nations are being given signs that they should not push on G-d’s presence in the Holy Land (e.g., the radiance of holy Jewish people).

The Gentiles may yet be able to stop their Pharoh.

Gog u’Magog Shaping Up

June 15, 2010

The Gaza blockade issue is big.  Now, the EU makes its first unqualified and unequivocal demand for Israel to end the Gaza blockade. EU is pushing for an  immediate, sustained and unconditional opening of crossings for the flow of humanitarian aid, commercial goods and persons to and from Gaza including goods from the West Bank.

Simply stated, the EU is weighing in to support the destruction and murder of the Jewish people in E”Y. Hamas is a democratically elected government. As such, in truth, they represent the will of the Arabs who live in Gaza.  The will of the people is fervently against the “two state solution”, and is expressly and explicitly committed, verbally and in writing, to the destruction of Yishuv E”Y by any means necessary.

It is criminal for the Nations to deny that Hamas will immediately exploit the “commercial goods and persons” and “West Bank – Gaza material trade” exceptions to facilitate and further their declared war against the Jews in E”Y.  The Nations know where this is all heading and want it to happen (after all, if they didn’t want it to happen they would and could stop it). (In an interesting take from the Wall Street Journal, published today, click here).

Sorry folks, it is what it is.

Yishuv E”Y – A Deeper Level

Seforim speak of the connection between even a small Jewish presence in E”Y as being essential to maintaining G-d’s presence (the Shekinah) in the world.  (See Sde Chemed, on Chatam Sofer). Thus, on a deeper level, the Nations are on an Amelakian mission to permanently remove G-d’s presence in the world by removing the physical Jewish presence in E”Y.

The Nations could murder and destroy all the Jews in Europe, but so long as a single Jewish presence remained in E”Y during WWII, the world was sustained and Jewish life could regenerate.   (There are famed stories of how HaShem miraculously saved Yishuv E”Y” from Nazi annihilation.)

The importance of Yishuv E”Y during the birthpangs of the Messiah, and its role as a safe harbor (however ironic that might sound) cannot be understated. Perhaps this is why anectdotally many Jews believe and feel they are safer in E”Y than in America right now.

During my recent trip to E”Y for example, I talked to dozens of Jews from different walks of life, and did not meet a single religious person (and only one secular out of about 30-40 I talked to) who stated they would be better off outside of E”Y right now.  Even the majority of religious people I know, who live in America, state they would feel safer if they were residing in E”Y” than in America.

The fears for religious Jews in the diaspora are real.  As events unfurl and (if we don’t do tshuva) America tragically joins the international cause to destroy Yishuv E”Y, speaking out too straightforwardly or prominently against such evil will feel (and be) increasingly dangerous.  It just might be that haShem is leading us into a situation where Jews must pick a side – to be with HaShem, or with Nebuchadnezzar and his friends.

HaShem should bless and protect us all, and allow us to manifest our decisions to pursue the good.

Report From A Spy

June 6, 2010

On Friday I returned from E”Y. Interestingly, my return to the States coincides with the parsha of the spies.

My report:  With HaShem’s help, surely we are capable of going up and inheriting E”Y. The land is very very good.

Thank G-d, my mission went amazingly, hopefully yet another step towards realizing my goal of returning home to our holy land.

Regrettably, the spies’ error continues to resonate and reassert itself in our generation.  As demonstrated in some third meal discussions with young Yeshiva bachurim learning at a “top” institution in America, the Torah world appears to have uncritically and unthinkingly accepted the rationale that residing outside of E”Y is more conducive to one’s spiritual growth and Torah learning than living and residing in E”Y.

Please, don’t get me wrong. As I’ve stated on this blog previously, I understand there are many legitimate reasons – as analyzed in consultation with the g’dolei Yisrael – for not moving to and residing in E”Y (e.g. lack of reasonable parnassah plan, serious medical conditions requiring ongoing treatment, unstable family/marriage situations, etc.).

The problem however is not the not moving to E”Y for legitimate reasons, but rather the lack of a strong, active, conscious, constant, and expressed desire (tshukah) to reside in E”Y if those legitimate reasons did not exist.

HaShem should bless all of the Jews to have a deep yearning to live in and connect with the land and its people, and HaShem should help all who yearn to live and learn in the land realize their dream, speedily and in our days.

(Note also, with respect to Torah learning, I do recognize that it is true that the Gemara states that one may leave the land if unable to find a proper Torah teacher.  But this, in my opinion, would only apply after attempting an exhaustive search for, and failure to locate, a suitable teacher in the land. And clearly, one should regret and lament this situation and still yearn deeply for the land in this case.)