Gog u’Magog Shaping Up

The Gaza blockade issue is big.  Now, the EU makes its first unqualified and unequivocal demand for Israel to end the Gaza blockade. EU is pushing for an  immediate, sustained and unconditional opening of crossings for the flow of humanitarian aid, commercial goods and persons to and from Gaza including goods from the West Bank.

Simply stated, the EU is weighing in to support the destruction and murder of the Jewish people in E”Y. Hamas is a democratically elected government. As such, in truth, they represent the will of the Arabs who live in Gaza.  The will of the people is fervently against the “two state solution”, and is expressly and explicitly committed, verbally and in writing, to the destruction of Yishuv E”Y by any means necessary.

It is criminal for the Nations to deny that Hamas will immediately exploit the “commercial goods and persons” and “West Bank – Gaza material trade” exceptions to facilitate and further their declared war against the Jews in E”Y.  The Nations know where this is all heading and want it to happen (after all, if they didn’t want it to happen they would and could stop it). (In an interesting take from the Wall Street Journal, published today, click here).

Sorry folks, it is what it is.

Yishuv E”Y – A Deeper Level

Seforim speak of the connection between even a small Jewish presence in E”Y as being essential to maintaining G-d’s presence (the Shekinah) in the world.  (See Sde Chemed, on Chatam Sofer). Thus, on a deeper level, the Nations are on an Amelakian mission to permanently remove G-d’s presence in the world by removing the physical Jewish presence in E”Y.

The Nations could murder and destroy all the Jews in Europe, but so long as a single Jewish presence remained in E”Y during WWII, the world was sustained and Jewish life could regenerate.   (There are famed stories of how HaShem miraculously saved Yishuv E”Y” from Nazi annihilation.)

The importance of Yishuv E”Y during the birthpangs of the Messiah, and its role as a safe harbor (however ironic that might sound) cannot be understated. Perhaps this is why anectdotally many Jews believe and feel they are safer in E”Y than in America right now.

During my recent trip to E”Y for example, I talked to dozens of Jews from different walks of life, and did not meet a single religious person (and only one secular out of about 30-40 I talked to) who stated they would be better off outside of E”Y right now.  Even the majority of religious people I know, who live in America, state they would feel safer if they were residing in E”Y” than in America.

The fears for religious Jews in the diaspora are real.  As events unfurl and (if we don’t do tshuva) America tragically joins the international cause to destroy Yishuv E”Y, speaking out too straightforwardly or prominently against such evil will feel (and be) increasingly dangerous.  It just might be that haShem is leading us into a situation where Jews must pick a side – to be with HaShem, or with Nebuchadnezzar and his friends.

HaShem should bless and protect us all, and allow us to manifest our decisions to pursue the good.


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