Paras, Edom and the New World Order

An “International” new world order with a single global currency is really shaping up, led by Russia.  Spiritually speaking, Russia is the eldest son of Esau, Eliphaz (my G-d is gold). He continues to assert his birthright as leader of Edom, and the world, as against Ruel (evil and kindness), the US.

Eliphaz continues to facilitate the downfall and submission of Ruel (America). Of course, gold will be the primary source of Eliphaz’s power (again, and this is key, Eliphaz means “Eli”, my G-d, “Paz”, is gold). This makes sense because Edom comes from the side of gevurah, strict judgments, and the holy books say that gold is rooted in gevurah.

During an American war against Paras, Russia’s oil will be the critical commodity for the western economy while Persian Gulf oil temporarily goes off-line.  Russsian oil will be in huge demand and will command a premium price.  All the more so this will be the case given the American Gulf oil production shutdown.

And just when the world, especially America, needs their oil during crunch-time, Russia will demand new payment terms – a portion of any oil purchase must be paid in gold.

This will “break the fence” and severely undermine targeted fiat currencies in the major step to their ultimate demise.

Russia will get the gold and rise to global prominence and dominance, and the dollar and the US will be left in the dustbin.


2 Responses to Paras, Edom and the New World Order

  1. Daniel says:

    Hidden code in torah: ” Atomic Iran 5770…”

  2. blackjewishgirl says:

    That sounds like a “bang, zing, zoom!!!”

    I’m sure the idea of gold is the last thing USA wants to hear about.

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