Rubashkin Case – 27 Years – Pure

We are all familiar with the Rubashkin travesty.  27 years in prison as a result of a trumped up, police fishing investigation.

Make no mistakes, the shaping of federal law over the past three decades is allowing travesties like this to very legally happen.

First-offender white collar crimes are putting people away for life in prison.

I am a former litigator with experience working white-collar crime cases with a former US Attorney. Believe me,  the fix is in against a person with no political pull.  The Dept. of Justice is a law firm. The US Attorneys are lawyers that work for that firm.  They are the best, most aggressive criminal attorneys in the country. Their job is to win.  The currency of victory is years in prison.

The only one who can call off the dogs when these guys are in the hunt to put someone away is the US Attorney General. And that’s a political position under BO’s control and direction. If he doesn’t help you, the dogs will stop at nothing.  This case was surely brought to BO’s attention, given the profile and politics of the case.

BO did absolutely nothing to intervene.  BO and Holder had all the power in the world to have prosecutors request a much more reasonable sentence.  Again, the Dept. of Justice is a law firm, and the US Attorney General is the managing and most senior partner.

Esau is playing hardball

US Attorneys play hardball with threats of cruel imprisonment. They manipulate witnesses with these threats.  The laws on the books are legally so draconian that if a person is in their sights, they will say anything to save themselves from years in prison. Witness tampering of this sort is known to occur, especially in high profile cases where prosecutors need to deliver a big win.

In the Rubashkin case, the prosecutors case was substantially supported by damaging eyewitness testimony by people who were forced to cut deals with the government to save their own skin. Can you imagine being confronted with US Attorney, who has power over your liberty, telling you – “I’ll put you in jail for life if you don’t testify against the defendant”?

Why 27?

The pasuk reads “Shemen Zait Zach” -For the Menorah, we are commanded to use the “purest olive olive”. The gematria of Zach, pure, is 27.

I believe haShem is trying to tell us that Mr. Rubashkin is Zach, pure.

Out of the 86 Counts, under the strictest scrutiny from the middah of din, Elokim, he came out 27, Zach. There is absolutely no question that the crime did not warrant the time.

The fact that Mr. Rubashin is zach is further supported by the fact that he was found innocent of the most serious charges against him, that he employed illegal alien children.  And it was this charge that started the whole affair. (Truly, when the feds saw that their child labor and immigration cases were junk, they created a rainstorm out of a piece of dust.)

And there is no question that US federal jurisprudence is now a distorted jurisprudence which can be readily abused by evil people to produce very evil legal results.  Jew or gentile, if the government digs and distorts, any person could be in danger.

Importantly also, I believe HaShem is trying to send us another message. Think E”Y.  Pray E”Y. Encourage others and do hishtadlut to get to E”Y.

And if you don’t feel that way, ask haShem to help you feel that way.

HaShem should have mercy, immediately and quickly, on Mr. Rubashkin and the Jewish People, and we should be redeemed, finally and forever.


15 Responses to Rubashkin Case – 27 Years – Pure

  1. david says:

    Rubashkin is totally pure, thank you for such a nice blog post.

  2. suffered_from_rubashkin says:

    sorry to rain down on your opinion, but Rubashkin ruined my fathers business. My father worked hard to get Rubashkin meat approved in Canada. When the COR agreed, it was a huge deal – my father had exclusive deal with Rubashkin, but a few months after selling the meat in Toronto my Father was told by a store “we were offered the same meat by someone else at 20c cheaper on the kilo..” – My father flipped out! found out that after the COR gave approval, Rubashkin started giving meat to his nephew to sell…

    Ruined my fathers business, and he ended up frying out as a result of all the corruption he felt existed in the ‘haredi’ world… So thats that. You get mitzvah points for Don L’chaf Zchoos however!

    • jewishendofdays says:

      Note that I stated that he was “pure” in that the sentence did not fit the crime.

      Surely your father would agree that Rubashkin should not go to jail for 27 years (or even a single year) for the acts you cited.

  3. S B says:

    How do you know that the fact that Rubashkin being sentenced with 27 years means that he is pure. I think it’s much more logical that from the strict Din of Elokim=86, he was sentenced to 27 years IN ORDER TO BE Zach – pure, to atone for his sins, instead of going to Gehinnom, considering all the good things he has done. Did the court make up the whole bank fraud charges? Unfortunately, this is NOT a first in the frum world, the only difference is that some are a mentsch to admit they made a mistake, while others cry “Anti-Semitism!” to cover up what they did. Isn’t it amazing that all three Rubashkins who were arrested for multiple counts – they all pleaded guilty to exactly one count, each of them to a different count, in order to look innocent as possible with just “one thing wrong”?

  4. jewishendofdays says:

    You are right. There is no question that Mr. Rubashkin is undergoing suffering that will render him pure.

    I have read the Judge’s memoranda. It appears to me that there were shifty things going on at Agroprocessors, and some are criminal.

    BUT 27 YEARS!!! Just, for a second, imagine if you were him!!! Remember, he truly did not intend the money to go into his pocket, rather he was looking for an expanded credit line to handle cash flow issues – he had ALWAYS paid his installments on time. The bank made over $4 million in interest from him. They knew his business and LOVED to lend him more money.

    If you know anything about Postville, you will know that this was really a witch hunt. There were gentiles there who just could not bear the thorn in their eyes.

  5. ShatzMatz says:

    If you would really have been a litigator you would have know that any federal prosecution is basically a chess game. It is their job to come down the hardest and ask for the maximum amount possible and to demand no bail, while it is the defendant’s job to mitigate that. One sure fire way to lose at this game is to proclaim your innocence in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, obstruct justice and remain defiant to the end. If you really want to go down hard you might want to launch a campaign of harassment and intimidation against the judge and prosecutors.

    At this point Rubashkin has basically guaranteed himself to serve every last day of his sentence. The only way he could fall deeper into martyrdom is if he does his usual shtick in Federal prison. Those US Marshals are notorious for not taking lightly to self-righteous megalomaniacs with chips on their shoulders.

    I am just wondering. Was Rubashkin getting any advise from his attorneys at all?

    The truth is that it doesnt matter. Moshiach is here already anyway, no?

  6. devorah says:

    Just heard something else about the number 27:

    27 x 26 (gematria of YKVK) = 702 = gematria of Shabbat

    For more go to Rabbi Glazerson on You Tube:

  7. Esther says:

    Can you please do something to publicize another evil incident that is perpetrated by Social Services of UK against a religious Jewish family who immigrated to EY?

    Here’s the story:

    Here’s the petition:

    Thank you in trying to save more Jews from harsh decrees!

  8. CS says:

    Neshama: If the word Mayim represents the formula H2O, why is H represented by Mem? The two mem’s in Mayim are not equal. One is a regular mem, the other is Mem-Sofit, whereas the H’s in H-O-H are identical. Also, because H is so small, Yud would seem to be better representation. Mem would better fit O, as it is bigger. In other words, Yud-Mem-Yud would be better than Mem-Yud-Mem (Sofit). Who only looks at confirmation of ideas, and turns a blind eye to what could falsify them, the truth will remain far from him.

    Also, to say that Bayit (three letters of the word Bri’ut) means Guf by bringing evidence from the english word body, is not convincing either. Actually, it is a kvetch. The entire movie is a kvetch. Stay away from it.

  9. devorah says:

    CS: I am not Neshama, I am Devorah.

    You want to argue with Rabbi Glazerson, go ahead, email him…. but his knowledge is far superior to ours.

    It is wellknown that H2O and the word “mayim” are the same. You need to do a bit more learning about the hebrew language before you can make such a statement about Rabbi Glazerson’s excellent videos.

  10. CS says:

    Sorry Devorah, for writing “Neshama”. I know Hebrew very well, Baruch HaShem. It is not well known that H2O and Mayim are the same, in the sense explained by the Rabbi, and I tried to show what is wrong with it. You do not know how superior Rabbi Glazerson’s knowledge is compared to “ours”, as you have no idea of my knowledge. In general, it is not impressive to appeal to authority while avoiding to address issues. This is what you do in your response. I felt I had to warn you. If you do not want to heed my warning, this is your responsibility.

  11. A'Ishah Meyers says:

    In my opinion, Rubashkin did not get a fair tria.This was by far one of the worst cases i’ve ever read.Rubashkin may have some legal issues and mistakes happen on his behalf but,for him to go away to prison for 27years is absolutely criminal activity on the prosecutor and judge part. What ever happened to putting yourself in the other persons shoes for a second? The crime committed by Rubashkin was clearly not knowledgeable to him. Here is a man who devotes his time,money and effort into providing for his family, and helping others by blessing them with his blessings and he is over looked and judged on such a petti act.This made a life changing decision for him and his family. Please forgive me if i’m wrong for asking this but, why is Mr.Rubashkin in prison and why is it such a long time?I think the judge should have looked at this case and found an ethical way to deal with this issue giving this mans background and his way of living.If it were me I would have to fully evaluate why this man deserves to be free or locked up for an amount of time.In the process of evaluating, the number 27 would never cross my mind;I think the punishment ordered by the judge is overly excessive and for the prosecutor to come to the conclusion, that the number 27 is a just number for a first time offender is murder on the hands of the prosecutor.

  12. I do not wish to argue with the Rabbi Glazerson, but I really need an email address of his to send him some important information.

    I’d appreciate it very much if someone would be able to provide me with a contact email address that he accesses directly.

    Thank you.

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