Whose Your Daddy, BO?

I speak to many respected Rabbis and also read thoughts on the blogoshere about just who is BO in terms of the End of Days.

In my opinion, I believe that Redemption 5760 is correct that in a major aspect BO is, spiritually speaking, Basmath, the daughter of Ishmael.  (See the details showing the amazing gematriot relationships).

BO Golfs Like A Girl (see video)

As BO is Basmath, BO is female (nukvah).  By female I mean passive,  receptive, and without independent cause.  BO has never acted as a leader, but rather as a spokesman.  According to Kabbalah, the mouth is female in that is expresses thoughts which “pour” (mashpiah) into it. It is not BO’s essence to lead (to be mashpiah), but to do as received and commanded (m’kabel).

The concept that BO is spiritually female can provide a clearer understanding of current events in light of the End of Days.

Who Leads BO?

If BO is Basmath, we must look at her two principal male-female familial relationships.  Basmath’s father is Ishmael. She grows up in his house, as a daughter-slave.  She then marries Esau, and moves under his dominion and domination.  All of the dynamics of this family relationship are now manifesting on a global stage.

BO’s Father

First, we see that right from the start BO shows extreme deference to Ishmael by deeply bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia, who is no doubt the leader of Ishmael of this generation.  This  historically anomalous bow demonstrates that BO is female (nukvah) to the Saudi King.  The King of Saudi Arabia is mashpiah (male to) to BO.

Thinking of this as a family relationship will help to understand.  BO is the daughter of Saudi Arabia. BO looks up to her father, and craves his attention and approval.  She wants to please him.  She is a slave to him and will eagerly do his bidding.  (And, speaking of slaves, there is no doubt that behind closed doors, the racist Saudis – whose Arab kinsmen have black African slaves to this day – have a good laugh about their “slave” who leads America).

This explains why BO continues to move headlong to a war with Paras.  It sure isn’t because he’s a fan of the Jews or wants to do Israel any favors.  BO is simply doing his daddy’s bidding, which is to crush Paras.  And he full well knows who daddy’s next target is.

BO’s Husband

BO’s “husband” is Russia.  BO grew up in a household full of communists during a time when communists revered the Soviet Union.  He is known to have seriously associated with, and to have shown great honor to, avowed communists.  And now, with great pride and teenage swagger, he gets to make friends with the big shots who lead the nation his parents and mentors loved and respected – Russia. (And he gets to pal around ultimate communist rock-star and power source, Mr. King KGB himself, Putin).

Now we are talking Esau here, so the husband and wife do not exactly have a peaceful home (shalom bait).  Rather it is a relationship of abuse, power, romance, and rape (and this an unnatural rape is connected to the secret of Amalek, v’haven).  We see this in Russian-American geopolitical relations, as Russia steamrolls over and disrespects America at will.

Because Russia is the husband, he is even more influential than the father.  Hence, BO will only do Saudi Arabia’s bidding if Russia approves.  The approval is a secret, and cloaked by public Russian protestations against anti-Iranian sanctions and actions, but the the express verbal approval is there.  Russia wants this war to happen.

And why is Russia so happy about all this?  First, because they will make billions selling oil to the world! Imagine what might happen if Gulf-oil goes off-line for a few months due to a major Persian Gulf war and Russia becomes the West’s premier supplier. (See other ways Russia schemes to take advantage of America economically).

Second, and most importantly, Russia, the spiritual manifestation of Esau’s firstborn son Eliphaz, is the true leader of Edom – they wish to see Paras fall so Edom can consolidate control around the Holy Land to consummate their nefarious plot against Yishuv E”Y, chas v’shalom.

In Conclusion

Next time you read or watch something about BO, especially when he deals directly with Saudi Arabia or Russia, ask out loud, “Whose your daddy?”


14 Responses to Whose Your Daddy, BO?

  1. devorah says:

    Good post, very interesting.
    It’s a tragedy that we lost Joel Gallis a”h, we need his brain power.

    re: Obama
    He golfs like a girl (smile).
    I’ve read quite a few things on the internet that suggest he is also gay. Of course these are just internet rumors….

  2. Leah says:

    I hear you on losing Joel Gallis, a”h- we need his brain at this time! How true. THis is an amazing article. A great perspective. I see it clearly. Thank you. It really does appear to me and many of my friends that we are in the time of Chevlei Moshiach. I pray for the safety of Israel and Klal Yisrael. Teshuvah is the order of the day.

  3. emmess1 says:

    Just a thought about Genesis 12:3 and how tightly it dovetails with the United States under most of its president but especially Obama. The good/evil is reflected in the change from plural to single in HaShem’s promise to bless THEM and curse HIM. Thus, the promise recognizes the goodness of the American society that has been nurturing for the Jewish people but condemns the American institutions that have almost always worked towards Israel’s destruction. Him is also used as a plural but much more constricted.

  4. devorah says:

    check out this letter dated yesterday from Fidel Castro


  5. Michael says:

    Very “enlightening” and ,for sure entertaining, to see with the rabbi’s aye’s’. maa

  6. Vincent says:

    Sir, another reason for Russia to quietly agree with the war might be that Russia and Iran are historic rivals when it comes to influence in the Caspian sea region. Even some of the peoples in Georgia speak a Persian dialect and Russia is wary of that. (I remember from the recent mini war) So, no love lost there. It might just as well serve Russia’s geopolitical interests to have Iran cut back to size, especially with the oil pipelines and everything involved over there.
    BTW, this article floating around on the net is even at the old Pravda now, and seems to agree with you a lot!


    1) The Price Of Oil Would Skyrocket – One of the very first things a war with Iran would do is that it would severely constrict or even shut down oil shipments through the Strait of Hormuz. Considering the fact that approximately 20% of the world’s oil flows through the Strait of Hormuz, world oil markets would instantly be plunged into a frenzy. In fact, some analysts believe that oil prices would rise to $250 per barrel.

    #5) Russia Would Greatly Benefit – Russia and other major oil producers outside of the Middle East would greatly benefit if a war with Iran erupts. Russia is already the number one oil producer in the world, and if supplies out of the Middle East were disrupted for any period of time it would mean an unprecedented windfall for the Russian Bear.

    #7) The Price Of Gold Would Go Through The Roof – When there is a high degree of uncertainty in world financial markets, where do investors turn? As we have seen very clearly recently, they turn to gold. As high as the price of gold is now, the truth is that it is nothing compared to what would happen if a war with Iran breaks out. When times get tough, we almost always see a flight to safety. Right now none of the major currencies around the globe provide much safety, so investors are increasingly viewing precious metals such as gold and silver as a wealth preservation t

    • buffalomilk says:

      Wow. Thank you for such a thoughtful comment.

      The history and geopolitics you mention are true. At a deeper level, they are manifestations of the kabbalistic foundations cited in the article.

      Appreciate you taking the time to real my blog.

  7. Gina says:

    I enjoyed reading your article, I heard you on Tamar Yonah’s show. I am not a Jew, hope that doesn’t matter. I have been studying the Torah and listening to Torah Class podcasts through http://www.elshaddaiministries.us As well as looking at the Hebrew language for the hidden words of G_d. I have been trying to figure out who Esau was because the NT says the beginning reveals the end and it was Jacob and Esau that fought in the womb and the heel was bruised, but the head hasn’t been crushed yet. So just knowing that those two would be fighting in the end left me always wondering who was who. You’re article made a lot of sense to the questions I’ve had.
    I heard Pastor Mark (ElShaddai)say that the Jews would be either forced out due to the economy or a war in Israel. He also said, those of us who support Israel and are messanics might want to have our Visas ready, we might be forced to leave as well.
    I sent Pastor Mark your article because he is always connecting the dots and this is right up his alley.
    Keep up the good work, I’ve shared it with many.
    I have heard through some who have had visions that the there would be many in the US to die, but not to mourn them, it was an act of Mercy from G_d. I also heard one say this oil spill was judgement on Americn for the blood in the water of aborted babies, their blood going down the drain and the homosexuals, adulteriers, who wash their sins down the drain via a shower. Now I don’t know who’s right, but I do believe America is going to be destroyed.
    One article of interest, he even called the White house to warn them.

    Prophet T. E. Deckard

    Some two years before the collapse of the financial down fall of the economy of Russia G-d gave me this vision.

    I saw a little girl of about four years old feeding a huge grizzly bear. She had some kind of meat in a sack that she would take out of the sack and place in the mouth of the bear. I could tell that the bear was grievously injured. He would open his large mouth and the little girl would place the meat in his mouth. Every once in a while the bear would take his enormous paw and place it lightly upon the arm of the girl. Then, he would make a sound as to say thank you to her for her kindness.

    …economy of the entire nation was going to collapse…

    The L-rd told me that the bear was Russia and the economy of the entire nation was going to collapse. He then said that the little girl was America that would go to the aid of Russia. The L-rd said we would put millions upon millions of dollars into their nation because Russia was going to pretend to want to become a democratic society. The L-rd said that the bear (Russia) would heal and bite the hand that had fed it.

    America was not interested in listening to a prophet of G-d…

    I was also told in this vision that America must buy all the nuclear devices of Russia and hire all the scientists that worked in their nuclear program. The L-rd said that if that did not happen, then Iran and other terrorists would buy both the scientists and the nuclear weapons. America was not interested in listening to a prophet of G-d. They did not do as the L-rd had told them through this prophet, and today we are seeing the effects of this grave error.

    The Bear is about to bite the hand that had fed it.

    We did as the vision had indicated. Russia fell and we put millions upon millions of dollars into their economy. They pretended to want a democracy. Look today as Russia is now beginning to talk hard talk to us and tell us that there are some things that they are not going to allow in that area of the world. The hardliners are pushing their way back into the places of government that had left. The Bear is about to bite the hand that had fed it.

    When all the missiles went into Israel, I had a vision about two weeks prior to this event. In this vision, the L-rd told me that it would be found that Syria and Iran was involved in the attack. The L-rd then showed me Russia, Iran, and Syria making a blood pact to swear their allegiance one to another. Russia has given us some very strong words about interfering with Iran and the Middle East in general.

    Three months or so ago, I received another vision of jet fighters going toward Iran to blow up the nuclear facilities they had built. In the vision, I saw American planes and one pilot telling Israel to turn around and go home or they had orders to shoot them down. Israel turned around and went home. A few weeks later, there was information that a portion of this vision had taken place.

    …Tell America that we have now have been surrounded by our enemies…

    About six weeks ago, I received another vision in which the L-rd told me to tell America that we have now have been surrounded by our enemies. I was shown in the vision that the best of the KGB was now embedded in our nation. They were waiting to help carry out terrorist attacks planned by our enemies. It is common knowledge that Islamic terrorists are already here waiting to be told to attack.

    … 24 nuclear devices that were sneaked over our borders through Mexico…

    I watched as the vision showed me 24 nuclear devices that were sneaked over our borders through Mexico. I saw hundreds of thousands of Chinese troops in Central America waiting to attack America. I could never understand how we could have ever sold the Panama Canal to China. We gave China direct access to our country through that region of the world. I saw a lesser number of Russian troops in Canada also waiting to launch an attack upon America.


  8. Beth says:

    I am new to this blog. Would someone tell me what/who Paras is – Persia or Russia or what?

    Also, has anyone read http://www.imninalu.net/, specifically the part about Gog and Magog – a site authored by Rabbi Shalom Shabazi? I thought that this was fascinating, especially because it was written before Turkey cut off Israel. (http://www.imninalu.net/G&M.htm)

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