Ishmael Visits His Daughter

Today is the 17 of Tammuz, the most auspiciously tragic day in Jewish history. This is a day our true enemies seize upon to do us harm.

Today of all days, amazingly, the King of Ishmael met with BO with the express purpose to discuss the “two-state solution“.

Analysts say the Saudis want Obama to lean on Netanyahu over stalled peace talks with the Palestinians and on freezing Jewish settlements on occupied Arab land.

As to the nefarious result of this meeting,  a picture is worth a thousand words.

A Loving Daughter, Eager To Please!


8 Responses to Ishmael Visits His Daughter

  1. D says:

    is that a masonic handshake in the photo??

  2. Shiloh says:

    I saw that you had visited Israel a few weeks ago. Now with what you are saying about BHO, is that not enough of a knock on your door telling you to bail? Honestly, there appears to be a very short window open for us to escape the galut. Once the war with Persia begins, we may not be able to go. Correct?

    • buffalomilk says:

      The thought crosses my mind every day. Just last night I was asked by a friend, do you think we’ll have time?

      I said, likely not before Edom-Paras sparks up, but hopefully there will be a small window before Gog and Magog. This is because the critical “choice point” will occur when the focus of the world is against us. Right now, the choice point is not there yet.

      And, frankly, for me to just uproot my family and move to E”Y with no job based on my prognostications is not so simple (remember, in my frum world I am a real daat yachid), especially in light of the fact that R. Chaim Kanievsky, the gadol ha’dor, told me I have to have parnassah before moving to E”Y.

      • Shiloh says:

        Buffalomilk, I understand the parnassah excuse and understand the hardships one may face in E”Y. But, what hardships will we face here? Unable to fly to Israel???? Do you actually think that the world is not going to take out their finacial problems on us. Just think of this, if Israel is involved in any way, starting the war with Iran (which will happen, then Esav will blame us) the price of oil skyrockets along with the rising price of goods as result, the goyim will come after us. The economic numbers in the US are pointing to another recession and there will be deflation in the housing again (if one has a bit of equity now, soon it will be gone). Even in Canada the economic recover has suddenly stalled to the surprise of all. There is very good reason to believe that housing here will drop another 10% making it impossible to sell at that point. Today it’s only selling with loosing about 12%, but that better then 20. Bad news.

        You spoke of the “choice point”. Do you think it will be announced? Do you think someone will say to us that we have to leave by such and such date. When ‘hell’ breaks loose, that’s it. It’s then too late.

        What bothers me is that many if not most Orthodox rabbi’s are not speaking and warning about the situation. Just like in the Shoah.

        Look at what I wrote in the “about” section on the blog here.

        If you think of looking for work in Israel before you make aliyah, forget it, it will NEVER happen. What is this, we make conditions with haShem to be in the land that He gave us? (forget about the different theological differences, I know them).

        Tough choice for sure. For me now, it’s to choose life vs death. Think about it, hope more Jews do the same.

  3. moriah says:

    Report: Saudi Arabia wants US to press Iran

    American sources tell Lebanese paper US President Barack Obama, Saudi King Abdullah clashed over effectiveness of economic sanctions. ‘Riyadh believes there is no guarantee that the current policies will stop Tehran from moving forward with its nuclear program,’ says Washington source

    Roee Nahmias
    Published: 06.30.10, 13:15 / Israel News

    Despite what appeared to be a successful meeting between Saudi King Abdullah and US President Barack Obama on Tuesday, it seems there are still a number of disagreements between the two leaders.

    While the two announced the “importance of moving forward in securing a Palestinian homeland”, Lebanese paper an-Nahar on Wednesday reported there are still several issues on which the two do not see eye-to-eye, including sanctions on Iran, the situation in Iraq, and the peace process.

    A source in Washington told the paper that, “Saudi Arabia is not convinced that the economic sanctions on Iran will bear fruits, and it believes the alternative measures available to the Obama administration must be examined, since there is no guarantee that the current policies will stop Tehran from moving forward with its nuclear program.”

    Regarding the situation in Iraq, the source said, “A disagreement broke out between the two around the fact that Saudi Arabia is skeptical about the path taken by the prime minister in Baghdad, Nouri al-Maliki, which leans closer to Iran.”

    According to the report, Abdullah and Obama did not reach an agreement, and the Americans are urging Saudi Arabia to play a diplomatic role in preventing Iran from laying roots in Iraq.

    Despite the differences of opinion, the report said Washington and Riyadh were in talks towards the singing of an extensive weapons deal, in which the Saudis are to purchase two squadrons of F-15 fighter jets, as well as maintenance and development services for similar products acquired in the past, at the cost of some $20 billion.

  4. […] the 17th of Tammuz, the same day the King of Ishmael met with BO, the Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan announced a new paradigm shift.  He publicly issued a […]

  5. Thomas says:

    Oil – We need a UN (United Nations) that decides law based upon honor and justice. Join for more info.

    The world as it is must not be falsified. The world as it ought to be must not be ignored.

  6. Melody says:

    I believe the war of psalm 83 will break out and all surrounding countries that are named in 83 and Isiah 17 will happen where in the evening war with Syria will break out and Damacus will be no more, then I believe Israel will live for a short time in the lands that were promised by G-d safely with unwalled villages,
    G-d will put a hook in the north Russia, Iran Turkey, Germany, Armenia, Irag, Libya, Ethiopia so on and so forth, will come against Israel and G-d’s anger will come up into his face and destroy all the armies in which it will take seven years to bury the weapons which I am sure are nuclear that is when the temple will be built but the end is not yet as Europe will rise up as it states in the book of Daniel and the old roman empire will rise again and then when Isreal is isolated and the wicked one comes up against Isreal and sits in the temple of G-d and claims to be G-d that is when the prophets said to flee into the mountains for three and a half years and the messiah will come to Bozrah to lead the way to Jerusalem and fight for his people at Armageddon. It is in the word of G-d , he will save his people.

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