$1 Billion Dollar Star – Bless Those Who Bless You

Basketball star LeBron James receives an offer to become the first $1 Billion NBA Star.  In terms of born talent and the ability to work hard to potentialize it, he is surely blessed.

But why is he so blessed?  . . .

Just over a year ago, LeBron James was asked to nominate a person or inclusion in Time magazine’s “Time 100”  list of the world’s most influential people.  Mr. James, who is a past Time 100 winner, nominated Jay Schottenstein, the Orthodox Jewish businessman who funded the creation and production of the ArtScroll Talmud Bavli.

A person’s heroes indicate their core value system – so LeBron’s selection says much about the man.  And his nomination is, in a very real sense, a blessing. And clearly, LeBron is being blessed in return.

He should merit to use those blessings to help the Jewish people and the righteous gentiles.

Meanwhile, In Contrast, There Are Those Who Curse . . .

On the 17th of Tammuz, the same day the King of Ishmael met with BO, the Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan announced a new paradigm shift.  He publicly issued a letter to leading Jewish groups demanding recompense and repair for acts committed against black people.

The letter states, in part:

This is an offer asking you and the gentiles whom you influence to help me in the repair of my people from the damage that has been done by your ancestors to mine,” he writes. “Your present reality is sitting on top of the world in power, with riches and influences, while the masses of my people … are in the worst condition of any member of the human family.”

The new paradigm shift is “and the gentiles whom you influence” – for Farrakhan, it is no longer a battle against the white man and the Jew, but rather a battle against, only and primarily, the Jew “influencer”. In Farrakhan’s new paradigm, the Jews don’t share the blame, they are to blame.

The alarming part is that there is a known relationship between Farrakhan and President BO.  True, for the time being this relationship stands abandoned out of political necessity, but it indicates underlying sympathies.  (Remember, BO attended a church filled with Farakhan peer Rev. Wright’s anti-Jewish rhetoric for over 20 years. )

I live in a black neighborhood with several high traffic street corners sporting large billboards with the message “Islam? A Religion of Diversity”.  Someone is funding this outreach campaign, and it appears to resonate with the audience as I see more black women incongruously sporting hijabs.

Of course, black islamic groups are not a threat to topple white society, but they are yet another group being continuously propagandized and  radicalized by virulent anti-Jewish propaganda.  These dogs are positioned to be given leash.

And the amazing part of all this is the timing. Of all days, Farrakhan chose the 17 of Tammuz to launch his new program.  The spirit of Bilam, the occult wizards who calculated the most auspicious time to curse the Jews, lives.

HaShem should continue to bless those who bless us, and curse those who curse us.

Cool LeBron James Long Shots . . .


5 Responses to $1 Billion Dollar Star – Bless Those Who Bless You

  1. Beth says:

    This seems very simplistic to me. Remember that a few years ago Farrakan was on his death bed with advanced prostate cancer, and seemingly miraculously he was cured and was up preaching his hatred again. What significance is there in this?

    • buffalomilk says:

      The real zinger is the timing. The significance is the paradigm shift in the message as described.

      Perhaps its because I live in the middle of the “hood” that I feel the threat of this more than most people. If the black Americans were aroused to act out this hate, my Jewish community would be a defenseless sitting duck, G-d forbid.

  2. S Y says:

    There are more dangers out there than we can imagine- When shall they outgrow the cursed status. True, the white race has advanced the world while sons of cham still want to remain in their situations. As long as amalek exists as well, no one can feel safe. Education is the only answer.

  3. devorah says:

    And then there’s Mel Gibson.
    His latest racist rant has really destroyed any chance he has of resurrecting his acting career.
    Just as he cursed, he has become cursed.

  4. War Water says:

    Very odd, for years I assumed possibly that GOG meant US and MAGOG meant USSR. The picture on this website is the first time I have ever seen the same opinion and I have read every Christian prophecy book around.For the past 2 years I have been listening to Israel National Radio and have learned a bunch–the Christians are “stuck-in-mud” so to speak.
    About Mel Gibson.He and they are Jew haters0and came after me once–long story,OK.I get letters from his dad every few months.He lived here in WV-USA.Bought a freinds house. Anyhow, I have met members of certain political groups that have very popular political and religious radio and TV shows in the USA. They are allied to the islam bunch and hate Jews -especially Zionists that settled in Israel.I have written about my infiltration of them and what I learned.The urgency for conservative constitutionalist American Jews and US citizen Christians to wake up is at a very critical point.This UNHOLY ALLIANCE-same as before WW2- Commies/Fascists/Islam on an international and nationa scale is alarming and Bible(Torah) Believers are asleep at the switch.

    War Water

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