A New Take On Paras/Iran

Last week I traveled to NY to visit.  On Shabbat, I stayed with one of my Rabbis, Rabbi S. and his family, in Monsey.

I haven’t really sat down with the Rabbi S. for years. With great joy and seriousness, we engaged in a wide ranging discussion regarding the End of Days.

Paras Gets The Bomb

They way one ascertains whether something is still alive is whether it has a self preservation instinct.  In Rabbi S.’s opinion, Edom no longer has the self preservation instinct, which indicates it is near death.  This is why, Rabbi S. believes, America and Obama ,and Europe and Russia will do nothing to stop Iran from getting the bomb.

Iran, he predicts, will get the bomb, start a war, take over the Sunni Arab countries, and lead the Middle East Islamic world to invade and occupy Israel.  He cites sources in the Talmud for this, including a Chazal where a Tanna states he wants to be buried deeply in the land because at the End of Days the Persians would occupy the land and use graves for feed troughs for their horses.

Rabbi S. is a great nephew of the Chazon Ish, and told me the Chazon Ish was clear that the “zionist secular government” would fall before the Messiah would come, and this fall, he believes, will be facilitated by Paras.

Yishmael Is Paras

So, I asked, “Do you not make a distinction between Yishmael (Arabs) and Paras (Persia)?”  He cited the Maharal who writes that Yishmael is included in Paras, because the attribute of Paras is tyvvah (lusts), as it is with Yishmael.  Thus, Paras is really the power of Yishmael.

Ultimately, Paras will keep pushing to be a superpower and come into conflict with Russia. In the end, Rabbi S. believes, both nations will crumble in an ensuing war between them, which he believes is the Edom vs. Paras war referenced in the Talmud.

So, what about America?  America is falling, but he didn’t see a big anti-Jewish push that warranted feeling compelled to make plans to move to E”Y.  He strongly believes that the prophets were clear that there would be an in gathering of the exiles after the Messiah comes, and that this ingathering would include Jews from America.

Paras/Yishmael Joins With Esav

I believe Rabbi S. had some good points, which actually fit into the End of Days framework presented on this blog.

A good point and very good additional information is that Paras is connected to Yishmael. The Marahal’s view actually strengthens the concept of a powerful Edom/Yishmael alliance at the End of Days.  According to the ancient Medrash Pesikta Rabbatai,  there will first be a conflict between Edom and Paras, followed by an “alliance” between Edom and Yishmael (i.e., Edom and Paras, as Paras is Ishmael, according to the Maharal).

Can you imagine the West, Russia, the Arabs, and the Persians on the same team? This is Gog u’Magog.

A Tzaddik’s View

Rabbi S. and I have relationships with another Rabbi who we both revere and adore, the holy Rabbi IS’BG, he should live and be well.  (Many people in the North American Torah world know of his holiness and greatness in the revealed and hidden Torah).

I have a relationship with Rabbi IS’BG and met with him alone to debrief my life over the past several years, and to get cherished advice and counsel.  It was an amazing gift to spend time with him. He just radiates kindness and truth.

During our discussion I explained to Rabbi IS’BG many of the ideas I’ve written about in this blog concerning the End of Days. I asked him the $1 million question: “Am I wrong in interpreting current events, and the situation in America in particular, in a way that compels me to move my family and assets to E”Y?”

His answer, “You are not wrong.


25 Responses to A New Take On Paras/Iran

  1. neshama says:

    Of course Rabbi S is correct about the ‘ingathering’, but how will it be done? Doesn’t he even entertain the notion that all the El Al flights with Nefesh passengers, and those who go themselves, are part of the INGATHERING!?

    It’s like the guy drifting at sea on a piece of wood, begging Hashem to save him; when a boat of chinese escapees comes near and offers to bring him aboard he replies, no thanks Hashem is going to save me, then a raft with a couple other escapees comes near and he refuses to go with them. After days of doing this he screams out to Hashem, why haven’t you saved me, and then THE VOICE says I did send you a way to safety but you refused both of them!! (a very loose translation of the story, hope you get the point)

    • jewishendofdays says:

      Rabbi S. would respond, “possibly,” but that we cannot know for sure. Rabbi S. is a person who oozes authentic mesorah.

      In any event, it must be stressed that Rabbi S., notwithstanding his own decisions, gave me a blessing to go to E”Y as long as I keep my eyes “wide open” during the process so as to ensure my children remain healthy and vibrant, HaShem should bless and protect.

  2. Shiloh says:

    Tzaddik, ok, let’s say there will be an ingathering after the Mashiach comes, where is the Tanach source (not the Talmud please)that I have missed. Even if that where the case, knowing what Esav thinks of the coming Jewish Mashiach (he will be the anti-crapus), they will turn into raging wolves against the Jews in the galut. That you can take to the bank.

    Now, if the Mashiach is revealed, concealed for a time and then re-revealed like the Rambam states, is not the ingathering during that time possibly what you are mentioning, in theory it could be happening as we speak. Then when he is re-revealed won’t it be too late at that point? And if it was the case, would it not then mark true the words of the Baal Shem Tov that the rabbi’s will hinder the geulah as they did not speak of what they are aware which would have had Jews leave the galut in mass? Therefore bringing another and final shoah? G-d forbid.

    I agree with the rabbi you mentioned, that you are not wrong with your assesment. But how long will you delay is my question. Hope to see you at home.

  3. Akiva says:

    Not sure I understand: “Can you imagine the West, Russia, the Arabs, and the Persians on the same team?”

    Do you mean this literally or in the context of opposing Israel?


    • jewishendofdays says:

      I mean, specifically, that when the nations try to enforce their edict to remove Jews from Jerusalem there will be powerful “non-western” forces, e.g. Arabs and Iran, to do so.

      This is especially so in light of the Holy Books which say Esav will not have a foothold in E”Y at the end of days, but rather Ishmael (combined with Paras, post Achmenajihad?) will be his force on the ground.

  4. SF says:

    Thank you for your interesting comments.

    I would be interested in hearing more regarding the holy Rabbi IS’BG, who he is, and what else he said. Hearing reliable quotes from the true leadership of Klal Yisroel is something I appreciate.

    May you and your family be blessed and have a good yishuv. Along with the entire Jewish people.

    • jewishendofdays says:

      During my discussion, in an effort to ensure that Rabbi IS’BG’s eitzah was undiluted, I volunteered that I would not publicize it. That was my statement, and I am not sure whether it mattered or not (he just listened to what I was saying), but I did say it and want to be true to my word.

      I will give you a hint – he lives in or around Monsey, New York, the acrostic IS’BG are the roshei tevot of his hebrew name, and he is a son of the first true all-American gadol.

      And remember, this is the eitzah he gave me, for me and my situation, not for the greater k’lal necessarily.


  5. fedup says:

    stop trying to figure all this out and JUST GET OVER HERE WHERE YOU BELONG! Jews unite, pray and fight! In the end we (with G-D’s help) will destroy ALL Israels enemies…

  6. Naftali Bernhem says:

    You all should check out Rabbit Pinhas Winstons new books … Geulah B’Rachamim and The Big Picture…

    http://www.thirtysix.org …. and you can see his utube cuts also….

    He is an amazing insite into the end of days and the relationship the jewish people and Eretz Israel …. an not taking for granted our opportunity to live here.

    Also points out the 10 spies knew they were not ready to enter the land and wanted to prevent an chillul hashem but were quickly punished by Hashem for refusing to enter the land even if their intentions were correct, when it comes to israel you have to be a little more …..

    • Naftali Bernhem says:

      I must edit something …. the 10 spies thought they were not holding to a level that would prevent them from being beaten/harmed in war and wanted to prevent that chillul hashem …

      • jewishendofdays says:

        The apparent difference between then and now is that the generation of the Exodus had a bona-fide NAVI (Prophet) leading them, whereas today we have no such thing.

      • naftali bernhem says:

        your point on the Navi is a good pick…
        although im not sure if your referring to
        Rabbi S.who you questioned about this in your
        post or speaking in general about our
        generations rabbis attempting to know
        what the future of the jewish poeple in
        eretz israel will be … I guess your point
        is we cant really know,even our greatest of
        sages today… but I believe that when it comes
        to eretz israel one needs to choose for
        himself, i am not sure its appropriate for a rabbi
        to tell you yes or no regarding living in
        eretz israel…
        If Im not mistaken the spies were among
        the torah leaders of the generation….

        BUT hey I think you really would love Rabbi Pinhas
        Winstons insight on this whole thing …
        His expounding on a midrash ..that everything
        that happened to joseph will happen to zion ..
        just a bit more fuel for your up and coming
        Aliyah and outlook on where the world is going

        Best Regards …..

  7. david says:

    i’m a bit confused. you’re saying the chazon ish said that the secular government of israel will fall? Paras is supposed to conquer E”Y? Are you seriously saying that everything we have hoped and sacrificed and fought so hard for will be nullified? Surely if Hashem gave us this miracle and gift he wouldnt take it away!?
    One other thing- the tanna who requested to be buried deep, i thought that he was referring to the persians at a somewhat later time,a couple hubdred years from his time maybe, but not the end times?

    • jewishendofdays says:

      Yes. There is a tradition the Chazon Ish stated that one day the zionists would look out their window and see no state.

      And yes, that there are NO GUARANTEES that Yishuv E”Y will not be, G-d forbid, nullified. If a parent gives their children a wonderful gift and they abuse it by fighting over it, the parent may opt to teach a lesson.

      And re: the Tanna, Paras never took over E”Y since the time of the Tanna.

  8. moriah says:

    May I have an opinion on the idea that America represents ancient Tyre in prophesy. That just as Tyre was ‘seated in the seas’ and known for its trade and support of Israel, America also is surrounded by the Atlantic, Pacific and the Gulf of Mexico, is/was once known for it’s trade and support of Israel.

    It states in Ezekial that Tyre will be invaded by the fiercest of foreigners bringing the sword for turning its back on Israel…

  9. ely says:

    Love the site. FYI, the Chazon Ish said that the goverment will not stand for 60 years, it’s been atleast 62 years, also from the context of his talk, it didnt appear that he was refering to an invasion from an outside force, but rather a revolution, kind of like with America and England, kind of. Thank you for the work you put into the blog, it does alot of good.

  10. my blog site says:

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