First US Grocery Boycott of Israel

Appropriately announced for Tish b’Av, the Olympia Food Co-Op in Washington State announced a US first boycott on Israeli products.

Sure, this store is a small blip on the radar, but it represents a “first breach” and is therefore spiritually significant.

Imagine if you shopped there regularly for your health food needs and woke up to this.  Is there a message here?

HaShem should bless, protect, and arouse us to a healing tshuva.


10 Responses to First US Grocery Boycott of Israel

  1. Jon says:

    Actually, divestment has already been rejected by many of the top co-ops in the country, after considerably more thought and deliberation that what seems to have taken place at Olympia:

  2. yoav says:

    stop blaming the goyim its a halacha they hate sinai being sinam .

    • jewishendofdays says:

      Nobody’s blaming them here. As the post says, HaShem should help he Jews repent.

      Thanks for reading!

  3. Shiloh says:

    Where we used to live, there where many stores that boycotted Jewish Israeli products. One would not know this as the leftist main stream media does not report these events as they are part of the problem. HaShem will help us return to Him, via His tools, Esav, Ishmael etc. Either we can return to Him easily, or we can go like children kicking and screaming.
    Just on a personal update, we, Thank G-d, left the galut yesterday, arriving in our home in Jerusalem. Our friends and family all had a feeling that we where on our way and we told them nothing. haShem brought people to buy everything we owned that was not coming with us. He pushed us out of the galut. We listened. I truly hope Jews will wake up and get out of the galut while they can.

  4. Sara says:


    Beruchim HaBa’eem. Welcome Home is more like it.

    When your thoughts are about aliyah, Hashem does most of the work for you. May you merit seeing more Hasgacha Pratis in your life in EY as we have been and are continuing to see.

    Yishuv Tov!

  5. Shiloh says:

    Todah Sara. Actually we are returning Israelis. We could not take the midot here anymore a few years ago. Now we are back, it’s even worse then when we left. There is so much to clean up here, where would one even begin. If the door opens we will leave Jerusalem (I can’t stand what it’s become sadly) and head towards the north. The Or is barely flickering.

    But it’s still home, sigh.

    • CS says:

      “We could not take the midot here anymore a few years ago”. I thought you left for avodah… Mazal Tov on your Aliyah! May you stay this time.

  6. Shiloh says:

    I did leave for avodah. I did not specify the reason. Does not matter at this point. The whole point was that haShem pushed us out. This was explained on another blog site of how it took place. I can assure you that we had no choice, nor free will to stay in the galut. We happened to recognise this, have emunah and hang on for the ride. We arrived home in Jerusalem on tuesday morning. Sort of my way of giving the goyim the “number 1” sign, if you know what I mean.
    Just a little example of the signs we had. I am a very high level cabinet installer. In the top 3 out of a couple hundred installers. At the company I was at, my jobs kept cancelling or delaying. The company was baffled and could not understand why it was my jobs that this consistantly happened to. This was right after we visited Israel over Purim. Of course we where in touch with kabbalists and friends in Israel. So we said, if the house sells, another sign. One person only came to look at it, and bought it, actually refused to say no. Then advertised my truck, sold to the only person to call (the market where i lived was overloaded with homes and vehicles, so to sell was rare). He said that there where a million vehicles to choose from but he wanted mine. Then had to sell all my tools which is a hard sell too. One fellow came and bought almost everything. The other left overs went immediatly. Furniture, for example, the bed (who want’s a used bed, right), one call, and she bought it. I won’t bore you with the rest of the stuff but you get the picture. I then told my wife, if there are two bulkhead seats on the day we wanted to fly, then it’s so obvious, haShem is in control. So I checked the internet, the flight was FULL except for guess what, the two seats we wanted. So heading to the airport with 7 bags, they allow 6, all overweight by a kilo or two, the lady asked if she had to charge us, the anwer was no(the web site was clear about it). Baruch haShem again. We are simple people, keeping the Torah of Moshe and no more then that. Emunah goes a long way. I am often critizized for my stance on the fences and rabbinical additions, but haShem speaks loud and clear for me. That’s what matters.
    Maybe my example can sway those who are sitting on the fence. Leave the galut while you can, trust haShem, do your utmost to live by the Torah (no more).

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