Did Amalek Win?

The day after Tish b’Av, I had a chance to speak to Rabbi A., an elderly and highly respected Rabbi in the States (most readers know who he is, but I have no permission to publicize our conversation).  I asked him, “Do you think Amalek won in WWII, in the sense that the Jewish people doubt that HaShem will save us in our current situation?”

He wisely replied (and confirmed my answer), “The Torah always tells us not to ever forget what Amalek did to us. Yes.

Then, interestingly, he spoke tangentially about his “fear for his children and grandchildren” that America will become a Muslim nation in the next 20 to 30 years.  He explained that sources say the final exile will be the exile of Yishmael, and hence, that Yishmaelic exile will perforce include America.

I suggested that sources indicate a partership between Esav and Ishmael at the End of Days, and that Ishmael is Esav’s spear, and that the Yishmaelic exile is, in fact, already happening with respsect to E”Y.  I suggested that I don’t forsee America or Russia succumbing to Yishmael, but rather remaining true to charachter as Esav.

He replied, “I’m not so sure about that.”

I then asked him, “And so what is your response to this, l’maaser (in practice).  Do you feel Jews should look toward moving to E’Y given your feelings?”

He replied, “Yes.”  We spoke about his parenting in this regard, to both children and grandchildren, and he stated that several live in E”Y. He also he agreed that American Charedi educators and leadership should do much more to inculcate and emphasize that Jewish people strive to live in E”Y.

As I walked home from shul, I reflected on our conversation.  I thought about the growing Islamic outreach phenomena in my mostly black neighborhood.  It started about two years ago with a “Why Islam? A Religion of Diversity” billboard campaign. Now, when I visit the mall, I see many more black women with hijabs.  And I also thought, in the future, could hoards of upset white Russians, Europeans, and Americans decide Islam is their answer?

I thought to myself, “Rabbi A. has a point.”

Then, later in the day, because of a payroll check mailing screw up, one of my managers had to come to my office to pick up her check.  My manager is black, and her 21 year old daughter was with her. This daughter is a very nice girl, and attends college.  I have met her before, and was impressed.

It was a very hot day and she wore a strapless dress.  I noticed a tattoo on her arm, in red Arabic letters.

I’ve thought about the Islamization of American blacks before, but brushed it off as relatively insignificant.  But given the synchronicity of events that day, HaShem was definitely trying to send me a message.

This trend is not insignificant.

Tragically, these new black converts to Islam have no idea what they are really signing up for.  Faced with no religious alternative save the “white man’s” Christianity, they think that they are joining an upright religion of diversity and peace.

But really they are willing victims of Yishmael’s cynical campaign to build an army of second-class Muslim slaves.  I can only imagine what the racist Arabs say behind closed doors after they do an “instant Shahadah (conversion)”.

Here is a video clip of a young African American explaining why he converted to Islam. Its gives good insight into what goes on in black convert’s minds and the tremendous naivete involved.  And, at the end of the video, note who he thanks for helping him find this path!!


9 Responses to Did Amalek Win?

  1. naftali says:

    although it was an edited clip etc… i saw some of those clips of Pres. BO where he said that already you could consider America a Muslim Nation and he also stated that America is already not a christian nation. so Apparently the US President already considers the US a Muslim Nation…


  2. Shiloh says:

    America won’t become per say a muslim nation, but the influence will be very powerful, just look at France today for example. You are correct, Esav is using Ishmael for it’s own purposes.

    I don’t think it’s only the black population you need to worry about. The Canadian city we just left for Israel had many, many white ‘converts’ to Islam. Matter of fact, a neighbor of ours just a month ago left for a while, coming back with a hijab on.

    What perplexes me is the writting is on the wall, what’s the solution, stall, stall, stall. Just like before the Shoah. How many opinions does it take?

    • jewishendofdays says:

      Writing on the wall requires tremendous help from Heaven to interpret correctly.

      • Shiloh says:

        Well how about simple Torah. Where are Jews supposed to live? Ok, let’s try religion then, how long are Jews allowed to leave Israel in order to find avodah?

        I do understand, it’s an incredibly hard choice when one knows what’s waiting for him or her.

  3. Nesher says:

    I find it somewhat amusing that blacks are converting to islam, with many believing it to be an “indigenous african” religion (actually Animism or Ethiopian X-ianity) rather then the intolerant arab enslaver creed it truly is even today, that incidently is trying to turn african land into arab land (such as Sudan). It is estimated that 11 million blacks were sent west as slaves and as we all know eventually gained their freedom, while 14+ million were sent east and apart from a few small pockets here and there (a few bedouin tribes in Israel, Siddi of Pakistan, Black Iraqis and the Akhdam of Yemen) have pretty much disappeared.

    I would say that black Jew-hatred is also a motivation for many black people converting to islam, thanks to influance of the “Nation of Islam” who believe that the white “devil” race was created by Yakub (aka Jacob) 6000 years ago. Therefore the Jewish people, being “yakub’s” descendants are seen as responsible for the white man’s enslavement of blacks.

    “And I also thought, in the future, could hoards of upset white Russians, Europeans, and Americans decide Islam is their answer?”

    That would depend on their motivation for doing so, such as Jew hatred like blacks in America, glory-hunting due to the humanising propaganda or as in the case of some through admiring the way islam provokes terror in others.

    It could also be due to the fact that muslims have been made into a protected class in the west and can pretty much do any or all unlawful acts, while at the same time saying that it is sanctioned in their system, like for example temporarily marrying a toddler as a 3rd wife for a fortnight or treating a non-muslim in the street like an animal with no rights.

    I’ve always imagined the Esau / Yishmael alliance against Israel to be along the lines of the Soviet-Nazi pact rather then the former willingly letting inself be over-runned by the latter, I still do not quite see how the west would benefit from having millions of muslims staying, unless their presence is meant to once more make Jew-hatred socially acceptable in the west.

  4. moriah says:


    Obama advisor: America as “the ideal place for a renewal of Islam,”


  5. Leah says:

    Educating the children is one thing that is left. Here in London I see a good many lower class young black and white girls going around in hijab and worst still niquab (all covered but for the eyes). I get the feeling it’s a fashion thing, like look at us. I’m surely saddened by this and I can’t help wishing that these girls had a better education, religious and otherwise. How long does an islamic conversion take, long enough to say a sentence but they have the rest of their lives to regret it.

  6. […] and radio show listeners recall, for the past several weeks I’ve been writing about the Islamification of America, and of African Americans in particular.  My small O-dox Jewish neighborhood is smack in the […]

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