Eliphaz Pushing On Iran

Eliphaz of Edom turns up the heat on Paras (Persia) as Russia turns on “irresponsible” Iran and joins in harsher sanctions.

This is no surprise according to the Talmud, which clearly predicts a war between Edom and Paras in the event the Jewish people do not sufficiently repent.

As Ellul approaches, things will likely continue to get more intense.

The Palm Tree of Devorah

It is well known that a core way to get ready for the Days of Awe is to learn the first chapter of the Ramak’s Tomer D’vorah (the Palm Tree of Devorah) during Ellul. This chapter teaches how a person is to apply the 13 Attributes of Mercy in their everday life.

It is a segulah for tshuva (And, I’ve heard from a respectable source, a segulah for the prevention and treatment of cancer).


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