Left Jab, Right Cross

August 29, 2010

Elitist liberal government spends country into massive debt.   Economic crisis.  Many unemployed and angry.

Populist right wing movement stirs to restore national pride and honor, led by dynamic ideologue.

Increasing economic and geopolitical crises.  Political and societal passions and tension simmer, then boil.

Presidential election. Too close to call. Constitutional crisis reminiscent of Bush v. Gore.  Supreme Court calls it.

Losing party cannot accept.

Violent actors from both sides get involved.

Chaos.  Crackdown. Smashed heads.

To the victor go the spoils.

Victor unable to deliver on false promises.  Hole is too deep.

Dissension and tension.

Revelation of root ideology.

Blame and reproach.

Who loses in the end?

Are there parallels for this?

Today the left jab, tomorrow the right cross?


Kosher Hatred

August 22, 2010

King David’s Psalms are known as the “heart” of prayer, as they were written with Ruach haKodesh (the Holy Spirit), which arises in the heart. Psalms teach and demonstrate to us what constitutes a kosher emotional life of a Jew. They teach us when and how to express joy, sadness, courage, fear, love, and hate.

Psalm 31:7 states, “I hate those who defend empty vanities (Sin’eiti ha’shomrim hevlei shav.)”  In this verse, King David is teaching us when hatred is a kosher emotion.

Before I get into what Rashi has to say on this verse and how it relates to current events, my comments must be prefaced that any hatred for a Jew must be for their external behavior and not their internal essence.  Like the attribute of strict judgment (the middat ha’din), any “hatred” must be rooted in sweetness and love.

It also cannot be overstated that every Jew has the potential to repent at any moment, and that our primary responsibility and response to transgressors is to pray and hope that they do repent.

Rashi On This Verse

Rashi explains that those who “defend empty vanities (ha’shomrim hevlei shav) are “those who anticipate/expect salvation from the nations of the world (mtz’apim l’tshuat umot ha’olam)”

King David is saying, “I hate those who anticipate/expect salvation from the nations of the world.”

Of course, this Rashi begs the question – does King David hate them because of their political opinion?  Or does he hate them because they are not sufficiently spiritual as to believe that HaShem will divinely intervene and save the Jewish people?

King David was holiest of the holies.  For sure he would not hate a person because of politics. And for sure he would not hate a person because they are afraid and did not have emunah in the face of overwhelming odds.

In my opinion, King David hated these people because rather than admitting they were afraid and confused, those who anticipate/expect salvation from the gentiles are acting recklessly in a way that greatly endangers Jewish lives. King David hates them because he forsees their conduct, ultimately, will result in Jewish suffering.

Application to Current Events

Today, Bibi announces that Peace with the Arabs will be difficult but possible.  His opening positions sound “strong” enough:  a future Palestinian state would have to be demilitarized, recognize Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people and respect Israel’s vital security interests.

But Bibi is not a religious man, and can’t help but be afraid in the face of the overwhelming odds he perceives the State of Israel is up against.  Reports already suggest that he is willing to agree to an American “bridging proposal” which would allow a NATO force consiting of American troops to patrol the Jordan Valley and West Bank mountain peaks.

In essence, allowing armed NATO forces is relying on the nations for salvation from our enemies. And it is reckless.

First, these NATO forces will be given the green light to expel Jews from Judea and Samaria.  Unlike Gaza, Jews wont be facing Jewish expulsion forces who might temper their conduct, but rather merciless gentiles, a percentage of whom will harbor strong anti-Jewish sentiments.

Jews opposing expulsion will likely be characterized as Jewish “terrorists”, the modern coinage that debases their right to exist. It is not hard to imagine catastrophe when and if American blood is shed by Jewish souls desperately trying to protect themselves and their families from expulsion.

And, ultimately and most importantly, these NATO forces will possess the military capability to cripple “within the green-line” E”Y in minutes.  Once the serrated thorn implants itself, it will be near impossible to pull it out (how many troops are still in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.).

Yaakov relying on Esav to protect it from Yishmael = Reckless disregard for Jews living in E”Y.

Reckless disregard worthy of hatred as a kosher emotional response.

And, most importantly, those who engage in this “kosher hatred” can only be assured their hatred is kosher if it is directed at the transgression, not the transgressor, and that they love their wayward brothers and pray for their repentance, speedily, in our days.

Otherwise, this hatred is treif, not kosher.

HaShem should help all of the Jews do thsuvah, and those who rely on the nations for salvation should come to believe that only HaShem is our Savior!

China Swallows BO

August 18, 2010

Here’s a terrific article from Bloomberg on exactly what is happening with the economy, and what we have to look forward to, al pi derech ha’teva (according to the rules of nature).

Deflation prophets in the West are in for a rude awakening. Eastern fire will turn Western ice into a mess, and 2012 looks like it will be the year of melting. The fuel for the fire is coming from deflation-fighting stimulus programs, such as that of U.S. President BO.

Of course, throw a major black swan event into the mix, and the process described will likely greatly accelerate.

Cordoba, Cordoba – Fake Peace, Real War

August 17, 2010

First the Cordoba Cultural center in NYC.  Now, Muslims in Spain are campaigning to be allowed to worship alongside Christians in Cordoba Cathedral — formerly the Great Mosque of Cordoba.

As described in a previous post, Cordoba was the capital of the Western European Islamic caliphate during the 700’s.

“They pretend that we (the Muslims) are trying to conquer the mosque again. That’s not the intention at all. We want it to be a place where anyone — whether Muslim, Christian or Jew — can do his meditation or his internal way of worshiping, or praying or whatever he wants to call it.”

More “fake peace” to lull an enemy to sleep as part and process of a “real war”.

I think more and more that Rabbi A. has it right.

Yishmael Builds And Eliphaz Burns

August 15, 2010

BO enters the fray regarding the 9/11 Mosque controversy on Friday night, strongly backing the right of Muslims to construct the mosque where they see fit:

In his remarks, Mr. Obama distinguished between the terrorists who plotted the 9/11 attacks and Islam. Al Qaeda cause is not Islam — it is a gross distortion of Islam,” the president said, adding, “In fact, Al Qaeda has killed more Muslims than people of any other religion, and that list includes innocent Muslims who were killed on 9/11.

I guess BO really isn’t such a Muslim (we wish), because if he was he would be familiar with the vast quantity of Islamic writings showing that the religious operating basis for Al Qaeda is, in fact, normative Orthodox Islamic belief.

Fortunately, the US Constitution protects the Muslims legal right to build the mosque where they want. Banning the construction of mosques presents a slippery slope which could ultimately be problematic for the Jewish people.

But the real issue is morality.  The fact is, the Muslim decision to build this mosque right next to the 9/11 site is audacious, insensitive, and cruel.  And, truth be told, it is clearly a Muslim tradition to construct mosques on sites of conquest.

Conservative Christian America is in an uproar over this.  Religion is now infusing politics in unprecedented ways.  People are taking sides and battle lines are being drawn.

Add economic disaster and political electioneering to the mix, the situation America grows tenser and tenser.  I would hate to see an election result controversy like Bush v. Gore happen in 2012 – that could be a spark that lights the powder keg.

Russia Burns

Huge fires continue to burn out of control in Russia.  They have tempered off near the big cities, but fires are closing in on Russia’s top nuclear base.

Ironic justice, given Russia’s decision to start the Iranian nuclear reactor this week.

And now, the US sends help to stop the fires.  Russia and the US are brothers, after all.

The Fire of Russia

August 13, 2010

Breaking news Russia will start Iranian nuclear plant next week!!

To quote a recent post here at JEOD:

A natural disaster this massive indicates the depths and seriousness of Eliphaz’s deadly plots against Yishuv E”Y.  Geopolitically speaking, if Russia wanted to stop much of the evil in the world – they could.  After all, it is the Russian built nuclear plant in Iran we are talking about here!

Eliphaz has not heeded the signs of the fires.  Even while he burns like straw, he continues to fuel the flames.

Eliphaz is trying to coerce a war between Ruel and Paras, between America and Iran.  He plans for America and Persia to fall on each others’ swords, so he can take the prize.

HaShem should protect us on the day of retribution, when the name of Elohim and the attribute of Strict Judgment is completely sweetened and perfected.

Cordoba House

August 12, 2010

I’ve been following the 9/11 Mosque story for several weeks. This morning I read a great article from the Weekly Standard which explains the background of the developers and proponents.  Sadly, we’re talking about folks real connected to fundamentalist Islam.

I learned in this article, for the first time (for me), that the proposed name of the Mosque is the “Cordoba Center.”

In the mid-700’s Cordoba was the capital of an Islamic caiphate located in the heart of Spanish, Roman Catholic territory. This city represented a bastion of victorious Islamic jihad in the midst of Esav/Western Europe.

The chutzpah involved in this Mosque building effort is just over-the-top!  Obviously, the hand of HaShem.

“F–king Jews!”

As many readers and radio show listeners recall, for the past several weeks I’ve been writing about the Islamification of America, and of African Americans in particular.  My small O-dox Jewish neighborhood is smack in the middle of urban black neighborhoods in a major Midwestern city.

While there’s been occasional crime here, thank G-d, there have been no anti-Jewish incidents. Until erev Shabbat last Friday.  My obviously Jewish children and nephew were playing in the front of my house. A car with black passengers drove by. Somebody yelled out the window, “F–king Jews!”.

It was the first time this happened in seven years that I’ve lived here!  I asked a few old-timers, and they could not recall such a thing ever happening in this neighborhood.

Sure, a one-time stupid incident is not so meaningful in and of itself.  But that it happened to my kids in front of my house?  Given the timing, in light of my recent thoughts, speech, and writings, I find it highly significant and quite amazing hashgocha pratis (individualized divine providence).

My kids were shocked but I reminded them of the Rashi that speaks about why it was that the first born of Pharoah’s slaves were also killed.  B”H, they knew the answer – because even the slaves persecuted the Jews.

While reproach from the vile appears on its face to be humiliating – it does, truly, demonstrate that HaShem is so intimately involved in our lives.

When I told my wife about the incident – which is quite shocking really – she reflexively replied, “We’re outta here.”

I suppose she’s hanging out with her husband too much!