Satan And Yishmael Make A Deal

Do the Muslims believe BO and Putin are Gog and Magog?  The answer, amazingly, is Yes!

I recently listened to two hours of a Pakistani “Kiruv” imam darshan out the Muslim version of the End of Days.  Its obvious that this speaker is a circuit professional.  I am now starting to understand at a deeper level the messages that are inspiring the Muslim World.

A Picture Tells A Thousand Words. . . . .

Islamic Gog and Magog Highlights

In the videos, the Imam explains the following points:

  • The European Zionists are the spawn of illegitimate Khazar converts, who converted to both Christianity and Judaism to take over the world.  They are at the root and lead of the evil New World Order, Gog-Magog-Zionist, anti-Islam conspiracy.
  • The purpose of Gog and Magog is to punish the Jews because they rejected Muhammed.  Jews were allowed back from their exile so they would convert to Islam – “The door to E”Y for the Jews is through Muhammed.” If rebellious and wicked Jews don’t convert to Islam, they deserve the worst punishments.
  • In addition to not converting to Islam, the Jews will be punished for their wickedness, which includes polluting the Middle East with homosexuality, licentiousness, pornography, hyper-materialism, and unsustainable exploitation of the natural environment (e.g. water use abuse).
  • Proof that the European Zionists have been empowered by Allah to rise before their ultimate fall is the disproportionately tremendous Jewish secular achievements.
  • Gog and Magog, led by a Jewish anti-christ figure, Daajal, will fight a war against Islam.
  • During this disasterous war, the Jews will suffer tremendously for their wickedness.
  • Islamic armies will fight the Gog-Magog-Zionists-Daajal and defeat them.  Muslim armies will conquer and occupy E”Y, and deliver the worst punishments to the Jews for their wickedness and refusal to convert to Islam.

The most striking thing to me during the entire “drush” was the absolute lack of humility demonstrated by the Imam.  When Jewish people are faced with perceived enemies, we place ultimate blame on ourselves and seek to repent.  Here, the Imam does not urge his followers in the slightest to look at themselves, but rather casts full blame and aspersion on others.  And when it comes to punishing the Jews, he demonically chuckles and smiles. (I’ve seen this before in a speech by Khomeini).

Also striking was the notion of “Power” as moral sanction.  The Imam explains that Power of Force indicates favor.  Thus, when Islam has the Power of Force to destroy the Jews, it is a sign that Allah approves of the Muslims and sanctions their violent deeds.  Its as if an abusive husband beats his wife and claims, “G-d approves of my beating you because he made me stronger than you and able to beat you.”

A Deeper Look

Based on a tip by a reader, I recently listed to Rabbi Kessin speak about the End of Days. During the class, Rabbi Kessin explains how at the End of Days the Satan (Samael), which is the Angel of Esav, will begin to fall because he is running out of holy “sparks”. He will make a deal with the Angel of Yishmael – in exchange for sparks of holiness brought down by Yishmael (how and why he can do this is in the class), Yishmael will be granted full power over the world.

Thus, at the End of Days, Yishmael stands in the Satan’s stead.  Now we can understand what is going on here with the Islamic view of the End of Days described above.

In essence, Yishmael is increasingly adopting roles usually reserved for the Satan. Yishmael has replaced Esav (Christendom) as the Jewish people’s chief prosecutor and executor.  As prosecutor, they argue that the Jews of acting wickedly.  As executor, they believe it is their mission and purpose to punish the Jews.

If we posit that Yishmael is standing in place of the Satan, we can glean important messages here that will help all of us as we prepare to do tshuva.

  1. The Jewish people need to repent from wrongdoing.  The principal tshuva point is in our personal integrity in terms of sexual purity according to halacha.  This is the big area the Satan is prosecuting us for – homosexuality, promiscuity, immodesty, etc.  This is especially so since Yishmael’s entire claim to E”Y rests on the merit of his brit milah.  We have to be able to counter with the merit of our own.
  2. The Jewish people need to continually nurture and protect the physical environment of E”Y.  Fortunately, great strides continue to be made in this area, and it should continue.  The Orthodox population, in particular, should be very conscientious in this regard (lets clean up Yerushalyim!).
  3. We should pray that, somehow, the group of reincarnated souls known as the Erev Rav, the mixed multitude, are removed from our midst peaceably, without destroying the honeypot.  When the Satan prosecutes against the “Zionists”, this is the group he is truly prosecuting against. (This is at the spiritual root, but as the spiritual prosecution manifests through humans, Zionists becomes a code for “Jews” – hence, truth mixes with falsehood – which the Satan is good at!).
  4. We should pray fervently that this “Muslims win” scenario, i.e.  the “Paras wins” scenario of the Talmud, does not occur.

In conclusion, the Islamic End of Days scenario contains ironic kernels of truth, and a frightening collective of falsehood.  We can learn from both.  The kernels of truth can inspire us to do thsuva, as the prosecutions come from the mouth of Satan himself.

And the collective of falsehood teaches us how wonderful the Jewish people are such that the nations so desperately want to be the victims of our enemies (Gog and Magog) to demonstrate they (the Muslims) are the new us (Jews).

Talk about an insecurity complex! – And they must be insecure, because at the true End of Days, like the Satan, the Angel of Yishmael will have its downfall.

HaShem should guide, bless, and protect us all!


33 Responses to Satan And Yishmael Make A Deal

  1. Shiloh says:

    Could you send me an email? or give me your email. Thanks. I want to elaborate on this post but it’s better via email.

  2. Akiva says:

    Very interesting post. I’ve not had an opportunity to hear R’ Kessin’s shiurim.

    I’ve always found your insight very profound. If you are able to somehow share it on this topic, I would be very appreciative.

    kol tuv

    • Shiloh says:

      Thanks Akiva, I don’t have anything to add to this excellent article.

      JEODays, The falling of Esav (the angel who accended but never decended) would be described in the last verse of Ovadiah. Since it describes men accending to Zion and doing so, if it where to be successful, surely haShem would let us know. No? If successful, it then takes us out of the picture in a way, as now haShem will take over the rein. In otherwords, at that point, haShem will save us, not for our sake but to save His Great Name.

  3. SF says:

    Did Rav Kessin give a source for his explanation?

    kol tuv

  4. Tziki kedera says:

    the kuzari theory of the jewish which anti-semites have been using for 100 years has recently been trashed by DNA…

  5. Tziki kedera says:

    the kuzari theory of the jewish people which anti-semites have been using for 100 years has recently been trashed by DNA…

  6. AMK says:

    FYI, the Sar of Yishmael is Rahav.

  7. Daniel says:

    Is anyone aware of what is spelled out when you rearrange the letters of Islam spelled in Hebrew?

  8. So how do I confirm that I want to listen and read further what ever you say?

  9. devorah says:

    Everyone should listen to that Rav Kessin shiur.
    He’s an incredibly brilliant man.

  10. muman613 says:

    “The ministering angel of Ishmael is called Rahav. The Zohar states:

    Samael, who is the fire of Gehenom, is appointed over the nation of Esau, and Serpent is appointed over the nation of Ishmael, and this is [The angel] Rahav, who is in charge of the waters.

    As stated in the Zohar, Rahav is also the ministering angel of Egypt.

    When the children of Israel approached the sea and the Holy One, blessed be He, wanted to split the Red Sea for them, Rahav, the minister of Egypt, came and requested Justice from the Holy One, blessed be He. Rahav said before Him, Master of the Universe: Why do You want to punish Egypt and split the sea for Israel? Are they not all wicked before You? Your ways are with Justice and Truth, but these worship idols and these worship idols, and these sin with incest and these sin with incest. These spill blood and these spill blood. (Zohar Trumah)

    As Gaza is Ishmael with a heavy influence from Egypt, there has to be a close connection between Gaza and Rahav. “

  11. Akiva says:

    What is the title of the shiur?

  12. ron says:

    so much for how Hashem favors the muslims.

  13. 1 says:

    you understand the Moslem’s mentality to some extent, but you should also know this: Ideas that Moslem clergys talk about have been always the ideas that the ruling politicaians want people to believe. if you listen to this Imam, you will hear the same lies and poison that Neo-Nazis or other anti-semites are spawting all the time. Moslem religious leaders only take whatever Leftists, Nazis, Russian communists and their other anti-Jewish friends say, translate it and announce it as Allah’s new revelations to some holy Imam. actually in some Islamic (shia) texts the Dajal (the anti-Messiah) and their messiah (12th Imam) are both Moslems. One is coming from a city in Iran and fighting the other one who will be ruling somewhere in Iraq and with an army of only 313 people he will attack the world and kill one third. (any wonder they want the atomic bomb? how else can they kill so many?) Khomeini was considered this hidden Imam’s true follower by his followers. he brought so much evil to Iran. he even ordered young Moslem or Leftist girls be raped in prison before their execustion so that they would not be allowed to heaven after their death. these days in Iranian prisons men are being even sodomized under sharia law. If Islam orders people to rape and Sodomize other for the glorification of their god, Just imagine how many sins the Islamic messiah will encourage Moslems to do.
    any wonder why Jews didn’t accept Islam and prefered death? they saw Mohammad wanted them to join his religion and army, helpin him attack other tribes and nations, and rape and loot thoes people and occupy their lands, forcing thoes people to also teach their kids that rape and looting others is the what God wants from them. He succedded. Satan succedded.

  14. Moshe says:

    Rabbi Kessin describes the exalted purpose of the Jew, and denounces those who fall short – Maskilim, Mapai, Reform. He does not assess where the various orthodox groups stand with respect to the exalted purpose he described. In this context, it bothers me that the Rav mentions that Clinton, Arafat and Rabin/Peres conspired bringing the Oslo agreements, but does not mention Rabbi Ovadia Yosef. Also within Israel, Esav and Yismael join forces. Sharon did not create Hamastan alone. He requested and received help from Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv.

    • Ron says:

      Jewish End of Days-

      Please delete the comment I am replying to, as it only serves to increase hatred in our people.

      Thank you.

      • Moshe says:

        Hamastan is preparing to cause disaster in Israel. Hamastan would not have arisen without Jewish help. It is important to understand and to not forget how Hamastan arose, how the Churban of Gush Katif was brought about, and who stood behind the Oslo agreements. The true Ba’al Teshuva faces the full truth, and looks for the sins in his own heart.

      • jewishendofdays says:

        The full truth is that the sins of the followers cloud the vision of the leaders. This, for example, is why so many great Jewish Kings went astray. We must do tshuva.

      • Moshe says:

        Good leaders can become clouded because of the sins of the nation, as was the case with Yochanan ben Zakai. However, it can also be that because of the sins of the nation we get leaders who are not good, pursue Kavod, money, et cetera. There are good reasons for thinking that this applies in our days across the board. To see this is important and brings the opposite to what Ron claims. See: Many religous Jews think that secular Jews are morons, but secular Jews tend to think that many rabbis are like Mulla’s. There is truth on both sides. Look for truth among Jews who differ, and get yourself Ahavat Yisrael.

  15. Rachel says:

    RE your : “The most striking thing to me during the entire “drush” was the absolute lack of humility demonstrated by the Imam. … Here, the Imam does not urge his followers in the slightest to look at themselves, but rather casts full blame and aspersion on others. And when it comes to punishing the Jews, he demonically chuckles and smiles. …

    Also striking was the notion of “Power” as moral sanction. The Imam explains that Power of Force indicates favor. Thus, when Islam has the Power of Force to destroy the Jews, it is a sign that Allah approves of the Muslims and sanctions their violent deeds. …”

    — It is exactly the same with many many Xtians, even regular xtians, the ones that are not leaders. I’ve witnessed it myself. It’s their beliefs that are weird, like: there are only Divine rules for the Jewish People; we goyim only have a duty to believe in Him and we only have rights, no responsibilities,.. – They don’t know what’s awaiting them in the end (for them). Goyim need to be taught the 7 mitzvot bnei noach. It’s our mitzva to teach them..

  16. Karen says:

    We Jews should love G-d and each other!!
    If we do that Moshiach will be revealed now, and all these problems will melt away!!

  17. Tziki kedera says:

    moshe…r kessin does blame a certain rabbi for oslo…he has many drashes over 25+ years on all these topics…aailable in NYC contact me in jerusalem through JEOD…

  18. Odysseus says:

    I was 100% sure that “Ishmael” had begun working for Satan as soon as I heard those roaring “Allahuakbars,” as Zarkawi and his fellow thugs beheaded the innocent Jew, Nick Berg, 6 years ago.

    Nothing could be more obviously satanic.

  19. Akiva says:


    I am posting this message on behalf of someone who does not have internet: Does anyone have a source that addresses the acceptance of Ishamel’s dominion over Edom, ie. the broad acceptance in Europe and to a lesser degree the US.

    kol tuv

  20. Akiva says:

    I listened to R’Kessin’s shiur, which was very interesting. He mentioned a “clash of cultures” as a result of the growing prominence of Ishmael in the west. Because of the nuance, I understood this to be an actual social conflict. Am I mistaken in my understanding?

  21. At that time Cordoba was the splendor of Moorish Spain (a mixture of black skinned Muslims and Israelites ), and was the main center of European Culture. In his letter to Hasdai, King Joseph stated that he was from the line of JAPHETH, FROM THE SEED OF TOGARMAH, Japheth’s grandson. He further stated that Togarmah, who was the brother of ASHKENAZ, had ten sons and the KHAZARS represented the seventh son. With his own lips, this King had given the root of his being and the lineage of his offspring which was from the sons of Japheth .

    Let us now see what the scriptures have to say about Japheth and Togarmah. In the book of Genesis 10: 2 – 5. “The sons of Japheth: Gomer, and Magog, and Madai, and Javan, and Tubal, and Meshech, and Tiras. and the sons of Gomer: ASHKENAZ, AND Riphath, and Togarmah. And the sons of Javan: Elishah, and Tarshish, Kittim, and Dodanim. By these were THE ISLES OF THE GENTILE divided in their lands everyone after his tongue, after their families, in their nations.

    According to the King of the KHAZARS, his people descended from the family of Magog. Like all European nations at the time, the KHAZARS were pagans. TRUTH SPEAKS CLEARER THEN THE LIES

  22. Nasir Mehdi says:

    is this post about Muslim-Jewish unity …or hatred against each other…the point is not clear…

  23. alexandre says:

    Coran means the buffalo horns ( as hebrew qaren ) weared by mesopotamians gods and their signs were moon and a star with heigth beams. Muslim is a false religion with Sin as God. Muslims were de sons of shétan by Mahomet as the Chineses the sons of Drago.

  24. Zara says:

    Okay, I randomly found this blog while I was searching gog and Magog…this stuff is crazy, and totally untrue. What I understand is both Jews and Muslims have no or very little knowledge of each other. Majority of Muslims are not anti-Semitic, but the majority are anti-Zionists, but there are Jews, orthodox as well, that are anti-Zionists too and that’s not really a religion thing, it’s more political in a way. I never knew there were Jews that curdle hate towards Muslims, I thought that’s what extremists muslims do about Jews – seems like your both as bad as each other. Gog and Magog in the islamic scriptures are 2 peeps locked up somewhere in a mongol area by the King of Cyrus during Abrahams time, gog and magog cant get out behind this samn, so the dig for centuries till they appear at the end of times, drink up all the water and bring with them destruction – see just another end of the days fairytale. Peace.

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