Edom vs. Paras – “I don’t know, just be a good boy!”

After last week’s radio show on Tamar Yonah, I received some passionately written emails claiming that I had, like the spies, “weakened” the resolve of the Jewish people by positing a frightening Paras beats Edom scenario.  One listener even claimed I was akin to “the spies.”

But truth be told, I simply lost track of time and the music started, my segment was over suddenly, and I didn’t get to finish on a positive note. That’s showbiz!

But more truth be told, positing a scenario where Paras wins has sources in Jewish tradition (mesorah), and many of our generation’s leading Sages are sounding the same note, including R. Kook of Tiverius, R. Amnon Yitzhak, and R. Shalom Arush. Each is warning the Jewish people to repent or face terrifying circumstances.

Telling it like it is is not being a spy. Being a spy is saying the Jews are not a holy enough people to prevail – “the land consumes the people”.  That, I did not say.  The Jews are certainly holy enough to repent sufficiently to avoid catastrophe, HV’S.

Edom vs. Paras – Explored Again

As described in this blog before, the Talmud presents a difference of opinion as to who will will the End of Days “Edom vs. Paras” conflict.  One Sage, the final word presented by the Talmud, states that Edom will win because its a “decree of the King”, i.e. HaShem.

An “Edom wins” scenario involves Edom beating Paras in the war, and then allying with Yishmael to take Jerusalem away from the Jews.  In this scenario, there will not be a total occupation of Yishuv E”Y by enemy forces, but rather the nation will be “split” as foretold by Zacharia.  As things stand, this certainly seems to be where its going.

While a terrible scenario, the Edom wins “split scenario” also gives the Jewish people more time to do tshuva.  For the Yishmaelite occupation of the land will not be total, complete, and, G-d forbid, genocidal.

Paras Wins

However, if HV”S Paras wins, Yishuv E”Y could be facing a more extensive occupation by enemy forces.  The Talmud talks about Persian forces in the Galilee, for example. This, I believe, is what our great Sages fear if we do not sufficiently do tshuva in the face of an increasingly likely Edom vs. Paras war.

The only way Persian/Yishmaelite forces could occupy Yishuv E”Y is, HV”S, if somehow the IDF/IAF would fail in defending the Yishuv.

Some holy sages believe that the reconstitution of Yishuv E”Y, and the IDF/IAF in particular, is a manifestation of  Moshiach ben Yosef, who proceeds and provides a “throne” for Moshiach ben David.  Our great Kabalists, including the Arizal and the Ohr haChaim, urge Jews to continually pray that, in the end of days, Moshiach ben Yosef should live and not die.

Hence, a Persian occupation could be a manifestation of what is known as the “death” of the Moshiach ben Yosef.

But there is a way to prevent this from happening.

“Just Behave Yourself And Be A Good Boy”

A few years ago I attended a Daf Yomi shiur with R. Mendel Senderovic, the Rosh Yeshiva of the Milwaukee Kollel.  During the shiur, we covered the famous Edom vs. Paras Gemara.  A person asked, “So who’s going to win?”. R. Senderovic wisely answered, “I don’t know, just behave yourself and be a good boy.”

So what is the “being a good boy” that will save us?

To answer this question, we must look at the root.  Moshiach ben Yosef is rooted in the divine attribute of Yesod (foundation).  Yesod is the brit milah.  The holy Abir Yaakov writes that all suffering is tied to the Jewish people’s not guarding their brit milah properly, and that the ability of the Jewish people to prevail in battle is connected to guarding the brit milah. (The gematria of milah is 85, which with the kollel, is 86, the attribute of strict judgement).

Thus, to the extent the Jews protect the “covenant” and strengthen and rectify Yesod, Moshiach ben Yosef  “lives.”  And thus, to the extent Moshiach ben Yosef “lives”, the Jewish people shall prevail and maintain sovereignty over at least part of Yishuv E”Y during and after Edom vs. Paras and throughout Gog and MaGog.

Guarding the Brit

Our Sages say that Yishmael has merit to reside in E”Y because of their circumcision.  Paras’ symbol is the “bear”, which represents unbridled lusts.  Thus, to prevail against them, and for Moshiach ben Yosef to prevail against them and live and not die, the Jewish people must regain their true strength and guard the brit.

Clearly, in our generation, Jews are having a hard time properly guarding the brit in the face of fiercely powerful and perverse lusts. As described in my recent article about Islam, these are the sins the Satan is actively prosecuting us for.

Bottom line, the message is clear: if we face this challenge and make strides to rectify it, however incremental they might be, Yishuv E”Y will prevail and Moshich ben Yosef will live and not die during Edom v. Paras.

A Deeper Way To Guard The Brit

There are obvious ways to Guard the Brit, the most obvious of which is to guard one’s eyes from pornography and improper thoughts.  But what else is there to do? Here, there is a deeper secret still.

As described in the post, the Destructive Drive to Win, the Holy Temple was destroyed by a blemish in “Hod”, the the ability to be “modeh”, to admit/accept that somebody else is right, or to stop arguing for the sake of peace.

Hod is not only a counter to the attribute of Netzach (Victory), but it also provides the “restraint energy” of Yesod. So, in a very real sense, to the extent we can manifest Hod, i.e., the cessation of pointless argument with our brothers and sisters, i.e. Jewish unity, we can facilitate the rectification of Yesod.

Jewish unity and Yesod are intimately connected.  The rectification of Yesod cannot happen without Jewish unity. Thus, even Torah observant people who do guard the brit properly can, by striving for Jewish unity and ahavat Yisrael, bring down and provide the restraint energies necessary for more and more Jewish people to do tshuva and properly guard the brit.

And in this merit, Moshiach ben Yosef will be strengthened, Paras will fall to Edom, and Yishuv E”Y will live and not die.  And so it should be His will.


11 Responses to Edom vs. Paras – “I don’t know, just be a good boy!”

  1. A.M.K. says:

    R’ Ariel Bar Tzadok wrote the following about this machloket in his Ketz Hayamim essay years ago:

    “Probably the best collection of messianic midrashim is a recently published Hebrew work
    entitled, “Otzrot Aharit HaYamim” by Rabbi Yehudah Chayoun (Benei Brak, 1993). This
    text brings together well known messianic material alongside much that is not so well
    known. This text has even been condensed and translated into English under the title’
    “When Mashiah Comes” published by Targum Press (NY, 1994).
    Traditionally, midrashic literature (found in Rabbi Chayoun’s work) relates that Mashiah
    ben Yosef is to arise only after all the nations of the world have been defeated in a
    horrible world war by Edom-Rome (i.e., the Western powers, possibly with the U.S. at
    their head). The new leader of the “New World Order” is said to be “Armilus” who in one
    midrash, (Milkhamot Melekh HaMashiah), is actually referred to by the Christian term,
    After subduing the world, Armilus will turn his attentions towards Israel. He is to
    approach Mashiah ben Yosef and demand of him that all Jews convert and accept him
    (Armilus) as our long expected Mashiah.
    Mashiah ben Yosef of course will refuse. A great war is to break out, where Mashiah Ben
    Yosef is to be killed by Armilus, the children of Israel are to be persecuted and cast out
    of all civilized areas of the world.
    Only after a period of hardships is the true Mashiah (ben David) to appear out of the sky
    with an army of angels. He will destroy Armilus and usher in the messianic era. This is in
    brief the traditional messianic scenario.
    There is, however, one slight problem. The Zohar has a different reading of events than
    the traditional midrashic story. According to the Zohar (3, 166A), indeed there will be a
    great war between Persia (Iran) and the West. According to the “Matok M’Devash”
    commentary to this section of Zohar, the Western powers are supposed to fall, not to
    Persia, but to Mashiah ben Yosef.

    Only after the defeat of West by Mashiah ben Yosef does Persia then attack Yisrael. The
    “King of Persia” is then said to kill Mashiah ben Yosef and to proceed to rule over Eretz
    Yisrael for a full year, killing countless numbers of Jews at this time.
    Only after a full year is Mashiah (ben David) to be revealed with an army of angels. He
    will come and kill the King of Persia and then establish the messianic kingdom.
    Being that today’s Iran (Persia) is at the forefront of fundamentalist Islam, which is the
    Ishmaelite religion, the Zoharic scenario is internally consistent. If the Arabs are to
    remain in Eretz Yisrael until the coming of Mashiah ben David, this would only be helped
    if Yisrael were indeed conquered by Arab-Moslem armies led by Iran.
    In conclusion, as RaMBaM so correctly states, there is no consensus of agreement as to
    how the messianic scenario will play out in detail. The material that we have discussed
    that deals with the past, we can see as clear and evident. We recognize the scenario as
    it has unfolded. Yet, as for that which is to come, no one knows the future. We know
    general things, and some specifics. What we lack are full details and times.
    We are heading into very difficult times, where no country on earth will be a safe haven
    for Jews. No one and no place will escape unscathed.”

  2. Shiloh says:

    No one knows. That’s why we will be blindsided.

  3. sharona says:

    We should apreciate that Hashem is giving us time to prepare and improve ourselves. Lets use this oppertunity.

  4. Nesher says:

    A few years ago I read somewhere that in many ways, a win by Edom against Paras would be a much more worse outcome for the Jewish people than if Paras won (not to dismiss the latter or anything).

    Since it would validate global secularism that in many ways is itself a dogamic religion, which while on the face of it doesn’t sound so bad, it is worth noting that secularism in all its forms has managed to kill off 260 million+ people and that is in the past 100 + years (though to be fair they have nothing on islam), while seeing Jews as an anachronism to be done away with.

    Also, just like with WW2 and the 2nd Iraq war, people will wrongly believe that the upcoming war against Paras will be for the sake of the Jews rather then out of national interest like is usually the case.

    Though I guess that the same could be said if Paras won rather then Edom, where in that case Jews would be blamed for Edom losing the war.

    Btw, on the subject of the Brit. I find it rather strange that the Yishmaelites actions with regard to their own (incomplete) circumcision are not held to the same level of scrutiny in the heavenly court compared to Israel, especially since while the immorality of the islamic world is usually behind “closed doors” (see Iran’s claim of there being no homosexuals), at the same time it is a lot more widespread and is even considered the norm in much of the islamic world.


  5. Shiloh says:

    Not only gaurding the brit, but Jews must in Israel must start acting better towards fellow Jews. I won’t get into much detail, but any Jew from the civilized world will know what I am speaking about when they arrive. It is absoulutly pathetic here with the midot. It’s not only the secular but all segments right up to the black hats. Push, shove, it’s all about me attitude must change. Another social calamity. Did we not suffer immensely when we did not act socially correct?

  6. Learning to be tzanua says:

    Does tzniut play an important role in the guarding of the brit? Please say yes.

  7. Learning to be tzanua says:

    I think if Paras wins, the Jews in Israel will take modesty more seriously and also the gays movement will disappear, which is better than the situation it is right now in EY.

    Edom’s win will only proliferate its immoral values which seep in today’s global culture – materialism, liberalism, socialism, etc.

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