Will US Read The Signs?

Russian fires.  Pakistani and Chinese floods and landslides.  South American freeze.

What do these nations have in common?  At best they are silent, and at worst they are complicit, with respect to Iranian and Arab planned and supported violence against Yishuv E”Y.

Today, Lebanon expressly states that it refuses to abide by any condition on US military aide wherein they agree not to use American funded weaponry against Yishuv E”Y.

The reason why this diplomatic statement is signifcant is because Lebanon could have easily just lied and “agreed” to the condition.  But instead, Lebanon chose to put the ball back into America’s court.

What will America decide?  Will it continue to arm an express enemy of Yishuv E”Y?

G-d willing, America will see the signs in store for it if it decides to join Nebucadnezzer and his friends.


One Response to Will US Read The Signs?

  1. Ezek says:

    I think we have already passed the line of no turning back. Just as the prophet Jeremiah warned the Jewish people for 23 years before G-d judged the nation, so have we been warned. G-d’s lamp stand is beginning to be removed from our nation, all we can do now is ask for mercy as the evil in our country is punished.
    Isaiah said “wisdom and knowledge will be the stability of your times, and the strength of salvation; the fear of the LORD is His treasure.”

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