Some Real Leadership!

General Ashenazi  of the IDF takes full responsibility for the “Flotilla Incident”.   And rather than criticize his men, he praises and strengthens them.

Whenever we see good, unselfish military leadership of Yishuv E”Y it represents a “ray” of Moshiach ben Yosef.

And that’s good news.

Keep your eyes on Gabi Ashkenazi.  He’s the son of an Ashkenazic holocaust surviving father and a Sefardic Syrian mother.  A unique and powerful combination.

All Jews are holy and can do tshuva. There is great potential here.


16 Responses to Some Real Leadership!

  1. devorah says:

    I can already envision a movie: starring George Clooney as Gabi Ashkenazi.

  2. Ion says:

    Don;t keep on denying Jesus Christ anymore…

    • jewishendofdays says:

      Every religion in the world, with the exception of Judaism, began with one man claiming a private revelation from G-d.

      Judaism is the only relgion in the world to claim public revelation.

      A Muslim could say to you, “Don’t keep denying Mohammed anymore. . . ”

      JC and Mohammed claimed private revelations. Ultimately, their self started religions gained currency not through merit or truth of content, but rather through violence and coercion (e.g. Constantine and his successors, and Muhammed and his successors).

      Don’t keep denying this.

      • Ion says:

        Unfortunately you are in a deep, very deep confusion…
        Jesus Christ had no revelation (pay attention of the offence you bring). How could He? He was the Word and He was from the very beginning and through Him all the things have been made.The Word was with God and they were one.
        The Old Law given to Jews couldn’t save anyone and it was replaced by the way shown by Jesus (God come in flesh). Through His sacrifice He ransomed all believers an so everyone who believes in God and in Him will be saved (“Ï”m the way, the truth and the life”).
        I understand that New Testament is unknown to you and I would like to advise you to start reading it at once as we don’t know how long this world will be anymore.
        Believe me you will find there all the answers you are looking for to understand the world we are living in.
        Pray God to show you the right way!

      • jewishendofdays says:

        I was a Jew for JC for many years. G-d showed me that the “christ” w/in me wasn’t JC, but rather my own Jewish neshama.

        The idea that G-d gave a law that could not work and needed to be “replaced” is perverse and sinful.

        G-d doesn’t make mistakes. His Torah is eternal.

      • Shiloh says:

        Tzekek, so you followed the Roman anti-Torah, antisemetic replacement theology. The counterfeit, namely the anti-Christ. Thank G-d you abandoned that.

        One has to realize that there was a historical Torah observant Jew who taught Torah to Jews ONLY. It was his followers after his incredibly cruel death that began to expand teaching Torah to the pagans. Actually in the highly redacted book of ‘Acts’ was the proto type of the 7 Laws of Noah. It was his followers that started this rabbinical teaching. The only difference between his followers and the Torah observant Jews of the day was that they did believe he was the ‘Messiah’. But they still lived by the Torah. You must remember, Judaism of today is not the same as was back then. It’s a huge pill to swallow and if one beleives the Talmud is from Sinai, then it’s impossible to acknowledge historical facts. That’s irrelevant in this brief discussion.

        The problem today is the knee jerk reactions to when he is brought up for discussion. Historical fact does not match the roman pagan J-sus of today. The fact is he has nothing to do with the pagan lies of replacement theology. He has nothing to do with the ‘church’ nor does his followers. The ‘switch’ happened in the year 135. If a Jew followed what the historical man taught, they would be closer to Karaite Judaism then the Ultra Orthodoxy of today. Even Modern Orthodoxy is closer to him in many opinions. But it is completely incompatable with xtianity, The Great Deception.

        It is one of the greatest coverups in history. Neither the majority of Jews know about this and certainly all of the goyim don’t. It is a tragedy for humanity how they displaced the Torah and still today want to have Jews abandon the Torah for the ‘anti-christ’. Just think how different the world would have been today if the goyim followed the Torah (forget about what religion has become) as the historical Jewish followers tried to teach to goyim.

        It is understandable why the rabbi’s decreed not to teach Torah to the goyim but just the 7 laws of noah. But remember if you study history, these laws are for all humanity, including Hitler. They are simply the prerequisite for goyim to attain a level of holiness before they are then able to interact with Jews to be taught Torah. The truth is a hard pill to swallow for everyone. Sorry it’s offensive to everyone.

        Remember on thing for all the slanderer’s and those with incorrect thoughts. This guy will reincarnate too, just like many think the ‘Midget’ in Iran is a reincarnation. So sit back and take a long hard look at reality as reality is bigger then most can ever comprehend. Just think for a minute, who is the one to judge the Great Deception? It’s freaky if you can figure it out.

  3. Daniel says:

    Ion, don’t deny the real truth. “God is not a man that He should lie, nor is He a mortal that He should relent. Would He say and not do, speak and not fulfill?” Numbers 23:19. Furthermore, if JC was the messiah, this would mean that G-d lied, G-d forbid. “When your[David’s] days are finished and you shall lie with your forefathers, then I will raise up your seed that shall proceed from your body after you, and I will establish his kingdom. He [Solomon] shall build a house for My name, and I will establish the throne of his kingdom forever.” IISamuel 7:12-13
    Jc being born from a virgin would make it impossible for him to be from the seed of David and Solomon, making him automatically ineligible. As for the new testament, there are so many elementary errors which make it clear that it has no connection at all to the tanach/”old testament”

  4. moriah says:

    Any Jew who knows enough about his or her faith would never, couldn’t ever contemplate jc as The Blessed, awesome incomprehensible, non corporeal Creator of the universe any more than they could contemplate the easter bunny or santa somehow being divine. It’s ridiculous. It’s just that simple. I know too much.

    • Ion says:

      I can’t leave without warning you are in big danger.
      It is clear that Jesus Christ was right about your ancestors and it seems that you are on the same wrong way.
      I don’t like to be in controversy as everybody is free to choose his way, but as I fell pitty for you I urge you once again to read New Testament where you will find any answeer you might need.

      • Shiloh says:

        ION, Take the plank out of your own eye before you try to take the speck out of ours. I can assure you we know the difference between the anti-Christ of whom you follow and the teachings of the historical Jew who taught Torah of which is what Jews follow today. Your arrogance will take down your house of cards. Look in the mirror when you spew your anti-semetic lies as you may have bought the Great Deception. Even in your highly redacted book does it state that when J-sus returns he rejects you xtians. I think this will be quite accurate. Hope you can handle how the Satan deceived the whole world (another quote from your book)

      • jewishendofdays says:

        Like your ironic “anti-Christ” statements. True, JC is the anti-true-Messiah.

        Agreed that an aspect of him, reincarnate, will fight the true Messiah.

        JC is a set up for Edom to fight the true Jewish Messiah on “spiritual” grounds.

        Scarily, according to Islamic End of Days theology – JC comes back again – also setting up a “spiritual” fight against the true Jewish Messiah.

        Great comments.

        PS. ION, I’m tempted to shut you down if all you can do is say “your going to hell if u don’t listen” rather than make a thoughtful point.

  5. Shiloh says:

    Tzedek, my being vague did not do justice. Since the xtian jebus crapus is simply an idol image of a historical Jew, the idol image cannot reincarnate. Only the original Torah observant Jew can, the one who was murdered. Can you see the difference. The club you where part of has nothing to do with the historical Jew, only the idol counterfeit image or the anti-christ. The original followers classified the ‘xtians’ as the 666 (code for the apostates who followed the apostate Jew Rav Shaul, corrupted to ‘paul’)

    Being both the xtian jebus and the islamic version of the prophet jebus who is to join the madi to fight the Jews/Messiah, simply cannot happen as they are fabrications of replacement theology. Since only the actual Jew could reincarnate, it would then be logical to say that the goyim would fight against him, not knowing the root of his neshamah. The Talmud states we will get the Mashiach we never wanted, yes?

    Now since that has stretched your thinking beyond comfort how would that change our teachings of MBY and MBD in the same generation? It presents a huge problem. We talk about the MBD fighting the Erev Rav, which if the historical Jew did reincarnate to finish his role as such, would he not go against the 75% of the current rabbanim and obviously the secular gov’t. Needless to say against xtianity, against Islam and against the so called New World Order.

    Email me privately if you wish. Just some thoughts.

  6. Shiloh says:

    Tzedek, I forgot to mention. Since we equate xtianity with Esav, would not the actual Torah observant Jew of which the goyim stole, twisted his teachings into a roman counterfeit idol image, be the one to judge Esav, determining if it represents him or not. I realize this is beyond the comprehension of what we think is reality or what we hope will happen.

  7. paul says:

    I don’t really understand why we can’t simply just leave well enough alone and face this battle together, and remember that esau is our older and have his own way of returning to his father in heaven hashem as can yishmael forget all this end of days stuff make sure everyone is taken care of and be as pure as you can the rest is the story of humanity!

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