The Fire of Russia

Breaking news Russia will start Iranian nuclear plant next week!!

To quote a recent post here at JEOD:

A natural disaster this massive indicates the depths and seriousness of Eliphaz’s deadly plots against Yishuv E”Y.  Geopolitically speaking, if Russia wanted to stop much of the evil in the world – they could.  After all, it is the Russian built nuclear plant in Iran we are talking about here!

Eliphaz has not heeded the signs of the fires.  Even while he burns like straw, he continues to fuel the flames.

Eliphaz is trying to coerce a war between Ruel and Paras, between America and Iran.  He plans for America and Persia to fall on each others’ swords, so he can take the prize.

HaShem should protect us on the day of retribution, when the name of Elohim and the attribute of Strict Judgment is completely sweetened and perfected.


4 Responses to The Fire of Russia

  1. chris says:

    Dear, End of Days .
    why must america be edom ? why not russia isnt the russian old flag red? then again why isnt Edom edom ? meaning jordan area anyway I mean Israel isnt spritualized ? it means the very land a literal land why must we use symbolizim ? cant an a be an a and a b be a b ? your thoughts on this are most welcomed I must admit I take scripture literal inless the text indicates different. Thank you for your time .
    looking forward to your answers shalom.

    • jewishendofdays says:

      First, we have to understand Edom in terms of Jewish Torah tradition. Our Sages state clearly that Edom was the Roman Empire. The key symbols of Edom are 1) the most powerful military force of a given generation, and 2) the eagle.

      Our great Sage, the Chazon Ish, explains that the manifestation of Biblical “people archetypes” through the generations does not mean a “genetic” descendant, but rather a nation that inherits the characteristics of the archetype. America and Russia both fit the description of the Edomic archetype.

      The difference is that there is a redeemable aspect to America – check out Its A Family Affair for more explanation of the difference between America and Russia.

  2. […] but fires are closing in on Russia’s top Nuclear base. Ironic justice, given Russia’s decision to start the Iranian nuclear reactor this […]

  3. galia sapozhnikov says:

    Hi Tzedek,

    I was wondering if I could speak to you.

    Is there a number I could call you at?



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