Left Jab, Right Cross

Elitist liberal government spends country into massive debt.   Economic crisis.  Many unemployed and angry.

Populist right wing movement stirs to restore national pride and honor, led by dynamic ideologue.

Increasing economic and geopolitical crises.  Political and societal passions and tension simmer, then boil.

Presidential election. Too close to call. Constitutional crisis reminiscent of Bush v. Gore.  Supreme Court calls it.

Losing party cannot accept.

Violent actors from both sides get involved.

Chaos.  Crackdown. Smashed heads.

To the victor go the spoils.

Victor unable to deliver on false promises.  Hole is too deep.

Dissension and tension.

Revelation of root ideology.

Blame and reproach.

Who loses in the end?

Are there parallels for this?

Today the left jab, tomorrow the right cross?


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