Scammed By Two Headed Snake

Hamas and the PA continue to scam the world, successfully.

First, a Hamas attack that kills 4 holy Jewish souls.  Then, a PA “crackdown” to catch the offenders.

This is all a set up for the PA to “prove” they are genuinely interested in peace and security for Israel.

Hamas and PA are two heads of the same snake, and they are scamming the world (sort of, but really, the truth is in plain sight).


3 Responses to Scammed By Two Headed Snake

  1. Leah says:

    Yes, I agree and I can’t understand why the world wants to be fooled. I say wants to be fooled because it is so often that the arabs report one thing in the english papers and completely another in their own arabic and farsi papers and t.v.. They know it and do it purposely.

  2. naftules says:

    I agree as well, although im not sure they coordinate it together, but still they truly seek the same end result…. I offer that one HUGE reason we are in this position is because the Israelis refuse to take up their own birthrite… first by refusing to Annex the West Bank for 40+ years and second by refusing to write a constitution that declares (unamendabel) that Israel is a Jewish State based on Values of Jewish Torah, a second declaration could outlaw organization or persons who oppose the first thus allowing for peaceful arabs to stay and enemy arabs to be expelled. But Israeli’s as a whole cares more about democratic and humanist values then torah values and thus end up with their demographic problem which prevents them from taking ownership of their land and instead creates the situation of placing the arabs under military rule instead of social rule and at the same time damaging the settlers and settlements and cause them to be politcal pawns and viewed in disgrace by the world. We are as much to blame here for our absence of Torah.

  3. Vincent says:

    Maybe Israel should play by the same rules a little bit.
    Pretending not to know this game, pretending that it is allright (which it is anyway)to attack the ‘bad guys Hamas’ who were afterall also in conflict with ‘good guys PLO’ and who oppose peace. Thereby doing everybody a favor because America want peace also don’t they? And Hamas doesn’t, so? And surely Israel is alowed to defend itself against these ‘bad terrorist.’
    Israel need to do that anyway, what are they waiting for, attack Hamas now, the world needs to be shown always that it is not allright to attack Jews, this can not stay unpunished!
    Instead Bibi is just being there, giving the image of a scared Jew, almost like Olmert.
    Easy to comment on the sidelines, I know that, in fact I like this blog so much I comment to much.
    bye. (Important though)

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