10th Generation – Everywhere I Go

The more and more I delve into Breslov Torah (as transmitted by R. Shalom Arush and his talmid mv’hk, R. Lazer Brody), the more I realize that what the Shtpolier Zeidy had to say about R. Nachman of Breslov was true – He was ten generations too early.

And we are the the 10th generation.

I strongly believe that R. Nachman of Breslev’s Torah is the balm for this generation’s wounds, and will nurse us and keep us spiritually alive until Moshiach comes.

A true story:

I attended a “Litvish’e” baal t’shuva Yeshiva in New York.  There were the typical guys there who used to jokingly mock Breslev, as if they learned it was a merit to knock it. This “harmless” loshon hara closed a lot of guys off to important Torah concepts – “Oh, Breslev?”

The Yeshiva arranged for all of us to travel to Torah v’Daas and have a class from the Holy R. Pam, tzkl, the gedol ha’dor of America, who is “Litivish.”  It was a very exciting trip for all of us.

I never forget watching R. Pam enter the room. His physical stature was so small, but he just radiated humility and greatness.

R. Pam spoke and proceeded to give a drasha in the name of R. Nachman of Breslev!  Rav Pam giving over R. Nachman!!

The class was amazing, because of what was said and who said it. It big hizuk for us. And we had a great time teasing our friends afterward, “Hey, R. Pam holds by R. Nachman.”

R. Nachman and E”Y

Right now, I am dreaming that this year should be the Year that I merit to come to live in the land, together with my family. So I thought I’d post some of R. Nachman’s thoughts on the subject:

In the spring of 5558 (1798 C.E.) Rebbe Nachman decided to travel to Eretz Yisrael (the Land of Israel), in accordance with his own words, to which he further added in Sefer Ha’midot: “As a result of the yearning a person has for coming to Eretz Yisrael, he is granted great livelihood” and “through having a new idea in Torah, a person draws upon himself the holiness of Eretz Yisrael”.
Rebbe Nachman’s devotions in Eretz Yisrael were most unique. All the days of his life, he said that all his liveliness is rooted in meriting being in Eretz Yisrael. His expression is famous: “Everywhere I go, I am on my way to Eretz Yisrael”.

5 Responses to 10th Generation – Everywhere I Go

  1. Naftules says:

    Thank G-d for Hitbodiduth …. and Tikun Haklali.

  2. Neshama says:

    It just so happens that this weeks issue of Hamodia has an excellent article on Kever Yosef and Shechem. In this the writer speaks about Breslev and their devotion to establishing a yeshiva there, and their affinity with Yosef and Rosh Hashana ( being that was this the time he was released from the dungeon, on R”H. It is worth reading.

  3. Tziki kedera says:

    what is youre source for the shapli quote ?…the famous apikorus profeser gershon scholem did write only the rebbi nachman understood our generation…

  4. Tziki kedera says:

    can you give more details…who …what exactly…etc…

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