Just Insane – Ruel & Yishmael’s $60 Billion Deal

America does a record-breaking $60 billion arms deal with the Saudis?

America pressures Arab countries to make donations to the Palestinian Authority?

Things are just getting weirder and weirder – obviously the yad HaShem.

Why 60 Billion?

The word Sod – Foundation – stands for sexual purity – the brit milah.  The Abir Yakov explains that the letter Samach, which has the gematria of 60, stands for Sod.

Our Sages teach us that Yishmael argued with Yitzhak, claiming he was more meritorious because he had a brit milah performed when he was 13, rather than when he was 8 days old, like Yitzhak.  Yishmael claimed that he was greater for making such a sacrifice.  Yitzah responded that he was wiling to sacrifice all of his limbs for HaShem, not just his brit milah.

Thus, at a minimum the Jewish people must guard the brit milah, the covenant.  For if we can’t do this, then what hope do we have against Yishmael’s prosecutions?

The only hope we have is returning to HaShem – only with his help can any Jew hope to fight the yetzer haras of today.

Now is the time for a fresh start!!


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