SOI Getting Played

Be careful what you ask for, ’cause you might just get it all.

This week, the State of Israel (SOI) tries to outsmart the Arabs by requiring recognition of Israel as a Jewish State in exchange for extending the building freeze.  The US backed the SOI, saying that recognition of the SOI as a Jewish State is a core issue. Many pundits smiled, “Thattaway Bibi, we showed them.”

Now, the Arabs fight back. “Ok SOI, we’ll recognize you as a “whatever you want”.  The media reports this statement as “The Pals willing to accept SOI as a Jewish State.”  Turns out, typically, the Arabs equivocate and deny making the statement.  Rather, they claim that they would “consider the possibility” if the US first gives them a border proposal in line with the 1967 borders.  Take that!  How’s that for negotiations?

And, immediately, the US supports the Arab position.

What is happening here is the Arabs are pushing to get a US-proposed border map so they can unilaterally declare their State on those borders.  They know that they will have good chances of gaining UN enforcement after the election, relying on post-November elections PBO to give them the green light in the UNSC.

We all need to get ready for the consequences!  HaShem should help!

Why all this in IMO?  Because you can’t have a Jewish nation based on race and ethnicity.  It must be based on belief in G-d and Torah values to stand.  I love the Jewish people, but the SOI must transform itself – hopefully peacefully.


2 Responses to SOI Getting Played

  1. Israel Cohen says:

    Hello, thank you for your exciting website ! Just a brief comment if I may: Keeping the name ISRAEL instead of “SOI” would be more indicated though; ISRAEL is the name by which we Jews receive HKB’H’s Bracha. SOI does not mean anything, it’s just another attempt to americanish our Jewish Toraic spiritual heritage with these silly acronyms so fashionable in security terminology. Thank you for your attention,

    • jewishendofdays says:

      I use SOI for “State of Israel”. I do not like to use State of Israel because in hebrew it is “Medinat Yisrael” – if you take the letters of Medinat and switch them around, it spells “Din Met Israel.

      Thus, for obvious reasons, it should be avoided.

      Also, SOI refers to the current secular socialist state, which, IMO, will necessarily have to transform as we move further into the End of Days.

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