Time To Vote

Bibi proclaims today that “Unilateral actions will not advance the peace process.”  Correct, but they will advance the war process.

Measure for Measure

Regrettably, an Arab declaration of a Palestinian State is really just the chickens coming home to roost, and has a connected and clear historical precedent.

In 1947, faced with the choice of an American declared truce or declaring an independent state, secular leaders of Yishuv E”Y decided to declare a state:

. . . by virtue of “natural and historic right” and based on the United Nations resolution… Hereby declare the establishment of a Jewish state in the land of Israel to be known as the State of Israel. .

And so to, we can reasonably forsee an announcement in the upcoming months:

. . . by virtue of “natural and historic right” and based on the United Nations resolution… Hereby declare the establishment of a Palestinian state in the land of Palestine to be known as the State of Palestine. . .

Ladies and gentlemen, as predicted by our Holy Prophets, the split is coming (if we fail to sufficiently repent).

After the elections, PBO will be unrestrained and have only one place to vent his fury, HaShem should protect.

Time To Vote

During the internal negotiations about the wording of the Israeli Declaration of Independence, discussions focused on whether express reference to G-d would be included:

The second major issue was over the inclusion of God in the last section of the document, with the draft using the phrase “and placing our trust in the Almighty”. The two rabbis, Shapira and Yehuda Leib Maimon, argued for its inclusion, saying that it could not be omitted, with Shapira supporting the wording “God of Israel” or “the Almighty and Redeemer of Israel.”[7] It was strongly opposed by Zisling, a member of the secularist Mapam. In the end the phrase “Rock of Israel” was used, which could be interpreted as either referring to God, or the land of Eretz Israel, Ben-Gurion saying “Each of us, in his own way, believes in the ‘Rock of Israel’ as he conceives it. I should like to make one request: Don’t let me put this phrase to a vote.” Although its use was still opposed by Zisling, the phrase was accepted without a vote.

The time is coming for the Jews living in Eretz Yisrael to vote.


7 Responses to Time To Vote

  1. Neshama says:

    You are amazing! I didn’t put 2 and 2 together, and didn’t see this coming … And my question is :
    Why would Hashem let this happen?

  2. naftules says:

    Hey man you must check out Rabbi Winston Pinchas ….
    http://www.thirtysix.org … his weekly parsha called Perceptions is totally insiteful and very much deaing with Current Events. I often find interesting correlations in what you write and the stuff he talks about … His book The Big Picture and Geula Brachamim are totaly up your alley!!!

  3. Shiloh says:

    Neshama, why would haShem allow it, because we don’t follow His derech. It’s so incredibly simple we cannot see the forest for the trees. Since when have we cleanesed the land? Oh, so we wait 6 hours between meat and milk, maybe if we wait 7 haShem will save us. You don’t like the answer, so don’t ask why.

    Repent? to what? More worship of the microsopic? More folding Shabbat napkins perfectly would bring the geulah? If we just do one more man made mitvah while ignoring the ones like cleansing the land from the Torah will change things, not in a million years. Tzekek, you don’t live here yet, you don’t see how bad our nation acts on a daily basis. Repenting back to religion is never going to fix anything. It is only going to make our upcoming punishment far worse. The rabbi’s don’t teach us how to act towards another person and you wonder why we are about to face another shoah. Our nation is so bad as a whole on midot, on dealing in business correctly, but let’s just be more careful in folding our ‘shabbos’ napkins and all will be ok. We use a fixed calendar which puts our holidays on the wrong day, the rabbi’s know it, but wont do anything about it until the sanhedrin is reestablished. So we ignore the Torah instructions that one can’t miss and follow religion. And you want Jews to repent to that and expect different results.

    We don’t like when someone has a truth that one cannot handle because of redactions in the Talmud, or lies of the goyim. HaShem will send us the Mashiach we NEED, not what we want. As the late Rav Kaduri stated, the secular will accept the Mashiach more easily then will the religious. Now look at why, then you will figure out what we should repent about.

    Sorry you won’t write back because of what lies some have fed you. Good luck when you make aliyah. Hope all goes well.

  4. Shiloh says:

    Tzedek, we will get who we need, not who we want.

    On the same note there are equally decent secular Jews. But they don’t claim to be the representitives to the Torah so I understand their acts, not that I agree with their behavior. What I am talking about is the need for a surgeon to care for the critically ill.

    By the way, my name is translated to Shiloh, not Shilo. Why, it is in hebrew שילוה, with a vav.

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